Worst Fitness Products You Can Buy

muscular guy taking a selfie at the gym

6The Flex Belt is one of the worst fitness products out there.

You put an electric stimulation system on your abs, it forces your muscles to contract. Electrical muscle stimulation does activate muscles-which is why the technique is used in physical therapy settings but it doesn’t make them stronger or increase muscle tone. The key to getting abs is losing weight. Sitting down with a machine sending electrical shocks to your abs sounds like the exact opposite. You just need to do the hard work. Get on the floor and do some sit-ups and crunches.

5The Thigh Master falls into the category of the worst fitness products.

The Thigh Master promises to shape your thighs, a claim based on the idea that you can exercise a certain area to burn, which is impossible. It will only strengthen your inner thighs to a certain extent, but it is not that effective to shape your thighs. You will be disappointed if you are relying on the Thigh Master. Try squatting with a theroband tied around your thighs and opening and closing your legs. Also, try some Pilates exercises they are way more effective. Lay on your side with your knees bent and open up your top leg from the hip down repeat to the other side and you will feel the burn in your thighs. Another exercise you can do is laying on your side with straight legs and squeeze your thighs together beating your thighs and feet together repeat on your other side. You do not need to spend your money on the Thigh Master to get a thigh workout.

4The Shake Weight is another bad fitness product.

The Shake Weight is a spring-loaded 2.5 pound dumb bell. It has been made fun of on Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, and South Park. More than two million units sold in its first year on the market. The sales have more than doubled since, yet an average regular weight will give you a much better workout. You can use a regular weight will in more ways. Try some regular bicep curls. With regular weights, you can work your biceps, triceps, and more. Regular weights do not have to be as large as the Shake Weight. You can get a normal 2.5 weight that is much smaller in size. It will take up less room in your home. You can probably get two 2.5 weights that are smaller than the Shake Weight. So, stick with regular weights.

3Sauna Suits are not good for you.

They look like a trash bag that you put on top of your body. Sauna Suits are rubbery waterproof suits that are designed to make people sweat out several pounds per session. The main problem is that they are not safe. You can get heat stroke, muscle cramps, and fainting. You also usually gain back the pounds immediately after eating or drinking something. There are other alternatives to the Sauna Suit. Try going to the actual sauna. You will definitely sweat. Try Bikram yoga it is hot yoga. You sweat in a hot room while doing yoga moves. You will need to bring your water bottle along to keep you hydrated. Hot yoga will help you with your mind, body, and spirit. You might come out more relaxed. Take breaks when needed. You will sweat and get a workout. You can also try to do just an aerobic athletic workout. Do at least an hour workout and you will probably sweat from all your hard work. Do not try products that have safety issues such as the Sauna Suit.

2Toning Apparel is a questionable use of your hard-earned money in fitness.

The built-in resistance wear may have some potential but there is still no hard evidence that it will work. Try wearing regular workout clothing first. Try strapping on weights to your body. Put them on your arms or legs. They should do the trick. If you want to get a more strenuous workout try building up to a harder level of a workout. Clothing that promises toning is probbly not the answer. Work on toning the parts of your body that you really want to tone. Go to a gym or fitness center and work on those parts of your body. You really want to feel yourself shaping up and clothing that promises to tone you up is unbelievable. Get a personal trainer to help you find the muscles that you want to tone for a couple of sessions. You will spend the extra dollars on something that will truly be beneficial to you. It may cost less in the long run than to keep buying extra toning apparel. Plus you will learn how to really work your muscles and after a couple of session you probably will not need the personal trainer anymore.

1The Power Balance is supposed to be a performance bracelet.

The bracelet claims to help you with improving your balance, strength, and flexibility through special hologram frequencies. Some studies have found that the Power Balance bracelets actually work no better than a placebo. All improvement in your balance, strength, and flexibility are all in the head. More likely this is a waste of $29.99 unless you are just trying to make an athletic fashion statement. To work on your balance try standing on one leg and hold for thirty seconds, repeat on the opposite leg. For strength go to the gym. For more flexibility try stretching, it is a better bet than the Power Balance.

The bottom line is that there is no quick fix. The workout experience will help you gain strength, balance, flexibility, and develop muscle. Any product that just tells you to put it on and all your fitness problems will be solved is not for you. The truth is it takes hard work. Please do not be lazy, set your own workout goals. You will be pleased with your own fitness accomplishments. So do not spend money on a quick fix that does not really work.

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