Worst 6 Songs by One Direction that you should forget about

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6. Don’t Forget Where You Belong

Although One Direction is one of the most popular boy bands, they still have some really bad tracks that are considered to be the worst by music critics and fans. The band is an English-Irish pop band, based in London, featuring Niall, Liam, Harry, Louis, and previously, Zayn Malik (before he quit the band in 2015). The band formed when the members failed to progress in the boys category of the X-Factor.
These tracks that are total disasters. With boring musical accompaniment and lyrics that nobody can relate to, these 6 songs are the biggest One Direction failures that everybody just wants to forget about:
Lady Soma Detox reviewThis is the sixth track from their third album. Unfortunately, you can only relate to the song, if you are a member of One Direction as the song talks about staying grounded while away from home on a million dollar tour. Sorry I dont get it! This song is meaningless and pointless. Niall Horan wrote this song and this made people feel more disconnected from the song. There is nothing less appealing to fans than stars who act like they come from another world, and, since packing and unpacking for world tours isn’t a part of everybody’s life, the lyrics remain meaningless. It encourages people to stay “real” even when they are away from home. This song just implies that the band members are not real people, because they live in an ivory tower, away from normal people’s lives. Although the song is meant to be deep, and should encourage fans to be themselves, it actually causes a feeling of uneasiness and unworthiness, if you can’t live the band members’ luxurious lives.



  1. Plus, my favorite song in the whole world happens to be Dont Forget Where You Belong. The boys are talking about how being on tour can get into your head and that you cannot forget where your roots are. Not to mention, the song itself is extremely catchy and fun to sing along to.

  2. Who ever wrote this. I hope you die. One Direction don`t have any bad songs. I think you should pick on someone else than mess with the Directioners.

    • Damn, isn’t that a bit over the top? Wishing death on someone because you disagree with their opinion? Geez, have fun going through life with that attitude, next time you say that you may end up with punch in the face.

  3. I’m a huge fan of 1D and i am not into each song of the group, but most of the ones you listed are part of my favourites, actually all except Save you tonight. Yeah, this is now their best song, but the others are lit af! Also you can’t expess your opinion with such strong words, i mean you might not like the tracks or even hate them, but heey! These guys worked hard on them and they like them, so don’t be that rude! I also don’t like some of other artists’ songs, but i will never say that they are “total disaster”!

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