Two Natural & Organic Products to Use After Sun Exposure

cucumber and milk

Everyone loves spending the hot, summer days lying on the beach, working on an amazing tan or keeping busy with various outdoor activities. Winter months are frequently spent sunbathing in resorts down south. These are all wonderful ways in which to spend the summer and winter months. However, all those activities come with a downside as well since time spent under the sun ultimately damages your skin. The Mayo Clinic has provided this slideshow so you can see what sun damage really looks like.

This happens because your body loses a lot of moisture due to the heat. Therefore it’s important to regain the moisture in your body, orally by drinking lots of water and fluids and physically by using the right products, such as an after sun treatment.

I personally use the Made from Earth Cucumber Cooling Gel anytime after I have been in the sun. What is a cooling gel? In the most basic sense, it’s a cool gel, which helps to provide soothing relief to dry, quenched skin and keeps it hydrated and supple by replenishing the moisture lost through heat. There are many different types of products are available with the properties of a cooling gel, such as eye cubes, face masks, body wash, toners and mists.

When trying to find the right after sun product for me, it was important to look for one made with all natural products as opposed to products with chemicals or synthetic ingredients.

The healing powers of natural botanicals and antioxidants like aloe vera, cucumber, Vitamin E and C get diluted in products created from chemical ingredients and therefore the gel will not be as beneficial. With natural products such as cucumbers and aloe vera, the skin will be left bright, supple and moist after use and best of all you don’t have to worry about the harsh effects of chemicals on your skin.

When it comes to skincare Aloe Vera helps to soothe and hydrate skin as well as treat conditions like burns and acne. Burns especially heal quicker and are less painful when Aloe Vera is applied right away. Often parts of Aloe Vera can be snipped and squeezed or rubbed on to a burn to help it heal faster. So you can imagine how beneficial it is in a cooling gel! In addition, Aloe Vera will leave your skin looking radiant and youthful.

Free of Harmful Chemicals – It’s All Natural

Chemicals like formaldehyde and parabens are very commonly used in skin care products and can cause irritations, break outs and acne. Short term discomforts include things like burning sensations or allergic reactions when using products with too many chemicals. Long term, products made primarily of chemical or synthetic materials can cause cancer or other skin diseases since the skin is directly absorbing the harmful ingredients. So with amazing natural products readily available, why settle for synthetics and chemicals?
Other After Sun / Cooling Gel Alternatives:

KORRES Greek Yoghurt After-Sun Cooling Gel

A popular cooling gel from a well known designer cosmetic line is the KORRES Greek Yoghurt After-Sun Cooling Gel. Made of yoghurt the silky gel is designed to sink into your skin and bring instant relief to hot, irritated skin. Clinique’s After Sun Rescue Balm with Aloe and Michael Kors’ After Sun Gelee are a few other products worth checking out.
Burt’s Bees Aloe & Coconut Oil After Sun Soother

Sun Bum – Cool Down After Sun Hydrating Lotion and Burt’s Bees Aloe & Linden Flower

After Sun Soother are less expensive, yet equally popular cooling gels compared to the designer brands. Made of shea butter, olive oil, aloe vera and vitamins it also helps to soothe the skin and is extremely beneficial to use if your skin is red and peeling. The Burt’s Bees version also boasts bee pollen and coconut oil amongst its ingredients.

Next time you leave your house for a day at the beach or you’re packing your suitcase for a week down South remember to pack a cooling gel along with your sunscreen. Your skin will be grateful for the extra hydration and you’ll be thankful not to be peeling and flaking. Not to mention the wonderful feeling of something ice cold against your hot skin! And keep in mind to only use gels made of 100% natural ingredients because it won’t harm your skin and have great benefits as opposed to gels made from chemicals, that’s the last thing you’ll want touching your painful sunburn!

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