#1 – Made from Earth Valencia Orange Lotion

What i like the most about Made from Earth’s Valencia Orange Lotion is that it is the most natural of the bunch. No harmful chemicals and it has a deep, sweet orange smell that comes from a mix of orange essential oil and tangerine essential oil It smells delicious. It’s a large 8 ounce bottle, so this will last about 2-3 months. My #1 favorite thing about this product is that you can use it both on your face and body. I have really sensitive facial skin, so I wasn’t really sure it would work good for my sin – but it did! Even better than some of the expensive moisturizers I have tried. This is my on the go lotion – and I just love that it lasts such a long time cause the bottle is huge.
orange lotion

#2 – Bath & Body Works – White Citrus

I have always loved anything that smells citrusy, especially in skin care products, which is why I fell in love with White Citrus from Bath & Body Works. Often I find the scent in skin products to either be too overpowering or not strong enough. With White Citrus the scent is just perfect. Made of Shea Butter, nutrient rich ingredients and blends of lemon zest, water lily, grapefruit, ginger flower among other citric products, this lotion has a refreshing fragrance that stays with you all day in a subtle way.

The lotion itself is fantastic like most Bath and Body Works products. I don’t have any particular skin concerns and this works great for me. The formula is non greasy and glides on smoothly and dries within minutes of applying it resulting in soft, hydrated skin for the entire day. The Shea Butter in the lotion is great for the days when your skin feels a little dry and is looking for moisture. I never leave the house without putting some on and this is the first thing I put on after taking a shower in the morning. The invigorating scent does a wonderful job of waking me up! Couldn’t be happier with the product.

#3 – Nivea – Happy Sensation Body Lotion

Whether used in the summer or winter, the Happy Sensation Body Lotion by Nivea is not oily or greasy at all. It sinks gently into the skin and provides amazing moisture. The non oily formula makes it perfect to layer sunscreen on top.
I’m big on sports so I like products which don’t stick to my body and since I use sunscreen all the time it’s doubly important for me that all my lotions be on the absorbent side and not be sticky. I use this every morning to moisturize my body and even though I have other lotions, which I use periodically, this is the one I come back to all the time and use the most frequently.

The lotion provides over twelve hours of hydration and I like the mild, orange scent. For someone with normal or combination skin (like me) this lotion works great throughout the year in all kinds of weather conditions. Someone with dry skin may need something which is heavier. I keep a bottle of this at the office as well to rub on my hands during the day whenever I need. It definitely adds a little pep to my day.

#4) Everyone Lotion – Citrus and Mint

I’m the girl who always uses high end beauty products, I last used drug store makeup in high school and never looked back. But I borrowed some of the Citrus and Mint lotion by Everyone Lotion from my sister one day and couldn’t believe something so awesome could be and was so inexpensive! After using it twice from my sister I got a bottle of the lotion for myself the very next day.

First of all the smell is wonderful!

Made of organic, natural ingredients and pure essential oils it lacks the overly perfumed, chemical smell so many lotions and products have. But it’s definitely not for someone who does not enjoy a citrus scent. The texture is great, like a very light, whipped cream that can be gently massaged on to the skin. My skin looks supple and has a light glow to it. I find myself not even touching the expensive lotions and only use this one now. However, at night I like to use something a little heavier since I like to keep my skin very hydrated and moist during the night. But during the day, this is my go to lotion. At at this price you can’t go wrong!

#5) Naked Bee Blossom Honey Hand Lotion

Everyone has one product they can’t live without and for me, this is the one. The Naked Bee Blossom Honey Hand Lotion is a regular staple in my makeup bag. I have been using this product for years and it has proved itself over and over again. I love it just as much today as I did the very first time I used it.

And I always buy two, one for my purse and one for at home. I have extremely dry skin which needs to be moisturized continuously otherwise my skin gets tight and start to feel rough and scaly. I use this lotion multiple times throughout the day, whenever needed.

The ingredients in this lotion are all natural, do not contain any chemicals and are strong enough to combat dryness but gentle enough to soothe the skin.

My husband who works a lot with his hands also uses this lotion on a regular basis and finds it useful. The scent stars off strong when you first put it on but it starts fading very quickly and what you’re left with is a very subtle fragrance. It is a very gender neutral scent as it is not overly feminine.

Bonus – I love this one! Bath & Body Works – Orange Ginger Body Lotion

I couldn’t get through my day without this little wonder cream and don’t know what I did before it. I first discovered the Orange Ginger Body Lotion from Bath & Body Works in a hotel room, they had a line of Bath & Body products. After using it a few times I was hooked! The ginger scent is beyond refreshing and wakes up your senses and reminds me of a spa day. Some people may find it overpowering but I love breathing it in during the day and find it helps me feel centered.

The lotion has a dry, matte finish and seems to absorb the oil from my own skin and leaves it feeling very soft and moisturized. It also works great on the rough patches around my elbows and around my ankles. I use this product on my four year old and she absolutely loves it too! In fact after her bathes she’s always reaching for this bottle. A little of this goes a long way so it’s great value for the money, especially when buy it on sale. I also love that I’m not dumping more chemicals and synthetic products on my skin, the blend of natural ingredients and essential oils such as ginger and orange have great health benefits and feel wonderful!


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