Top 5 Facial Clay Masks

I always used to have a really hard time getting rid of blackheads and would usually end up with scars on my nose from squeezing and pinching so much. But using this mask has helped enormously with getting rid of the blackheads, just little squeezes and everything comes out smoothly! I tend to use it at night right before I go to bed and every morning I wake up to fresh feeling skin.

woman using a clay facial mask

#1. Molivera Organics Bentonite Clay

The Bentonite Clay by Molivera Organics is a great mask for detoxing. It’s also effective for oily skin and inflamed skin. I use this mask once a week on my face as part of my skin care routine. I apply a generous amount over my clean face and wait for it to dry. It’s a powerful but gentle mask, and I can actually feel it working as it hardens on my skin. The selling point for bentonite clay is that it absorbs the skin’s toxins and dirt. I have been using this for a few weeks and my skin looks very youthful. I can actually see a difference in pictures from a few months ago and now. My skin tone is more even, my pores have diminished and my skin overall has less fine lines – something which started to develop in my late twenties. I intend to keep using it for the foreseeable future.


#2. Citrus Clear Pore & Blackhead Mask

When a product says ”you will see results after one use”, I usually don’t believe that. But with the Citrus Clear Pore & Blackhead Mask, I actually saw a HUGE difference in the smoothness and complexion of my face. My skin looks beautiful. This mask does exactly what it says – it gets down deep into your skin, and washes away the impurities. I didn’t realize how many blemishes and imperfections I had on my face until I used this mask and saw what my clear face really looks like. The way it works is you put the mask on and then let it dry. As the mask dries, it also sucks in all the dirt and blackheads from your pores. When it’s washed off, all that dirt and blackheads are washed off with it. I could not stop looking in the mirror after I used this product because I did not even know my face could look so clean and fresh.

#3. L’Oreal Paris Detox & Brighten Pure Clay Mask

Every time I use this mask my first reaction is ‘WOW!”. The L’Oreal Paris Detox and Brighten Pure Clay Mask has done wonders for my acne prone, sensitive skin. I use it twice a week and every time I rinse off the mask it’s as if I peeled off a layer of dead cells and dirty skins (the one exposed to sun, dirt and dust everyday) to reveal a fresh, radiant one.

Ten minutes of leaving this on my face and the mask strips away impurities and leaves my skin extremely clean. I used to get regular facials but since I started using this I haven’t felt the need to get facials. This magic product is a facial in a luxurious glass jar (at an extremely cheap price too!) One of the things I like about this product is that it stays supple and slightly moist even as it hardens.

I made my boyfriend use it once and he definitely saw a difference in his face and I can vouch for how soft his normally rough face felt. He now uses it every once in awhile too!

#4. Majestic Pure Indian Healing Bentonite Clay

A friend suggested I use clay masks instead and she recommended the Indian Healing Bentonite Clay Mask by Majestic Pure. I borrowed some from her and holy crap! Right away after one use my skin looked brighter and more fresh. Unlike traditional masks, this one comes in powder form and needs to be mixed in with water to create a smooth mixture which you can then easily spread on your face. It’s a heavy duty mask and helps with the blood circulation in my face.

After a few weeks of using it once / twice a week my skin looks fabulous! It looks rejuvenated and radiant.

Some red patches on my skin have disappeared and my pores are noticeably smaller. I feel that I even tan better since I started using this mask because my face now has a permanently sun kissed glow to it. I no longer use my other masks.

#5. Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

To be honest the reason I was first attracted to this mask is the word volcanic. The Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask by Innisfree sounded intriguing. So I did some research and read some reviews and decided to give it a shot. And I’m so glad I did!

Made of volcanic ash it’s great for oily skin and offers a fabulous cleaning and exfoliating experience. I apply it evenly on my face twice a week (it’s gentle enough to be used more often if you like). I found it works better when I apply the mask using a brush instead of with my fingers. I leave it on for about 10-15 minutes or until it dries and then rinse off to reveal clean, brightened skin as opposed to tired, dull looking skin.

For the last few months I have been using this and I love the experience, especially after a stressful day, there’s nothing more relaxing than an evening spent pampering my skin. The results I’ve noticed- my blackheads are pretty much gone, my pores are much smaller and my skin is softer than it has ever been. I just finished the first jar and decided to leave a review since I really enjoyed the product and found it very helpful. I’ve just ordered the second one.

Bonus – Origins – Active Charcoal Mask

The Active Charcoal Mask from Origins is a little pricier than some masks but Origins is a great brand and this mask is worth every penny. Before spending so much money I read lots of reviews on the product and I have to say everyone was right, this mask is amazing!! A little bit of it goes a long way so one tube of mask will last for several months when used once a week.

My skin looks super clean now and getting rid of the blackheads has made a world of difference. Every time I rinse off the mask, my face looks brighter and more open. I moisturize immediately after for glowing skin and find that I don’t need as many facials since I started using this product, so in the long run I’m saving tons of money!


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