4Puritan’s Pride Chamomile Soothing Eye Cream

I was looking for a new eye cream since the last one I used left my skin dry and irritated. After that bad experience I decided to try a product with fewer and more natural ingredients instead of too many chemicals and came across Puritan’s Pride Chamomile Soothing Eye Cream. What attracted me to the brand and this cream in particular was the combination of chamomile herb in a rich cream. The result? An enriched, moisturizing, fragrant eye cream.

I’m so glad I purchased this product and decided to try it out, the very first time I used it my felt cooled and refreshed and after two weeks of using it every morning and every night I have noticed a reduction in the swelling and puffiness around my eye area. This cream was especially great for me since my eye area was a little more sensitive and irritated. I would recommend this cream to anyone with dry or normal skin; its consistency is lighter than a very thick, heavy cream so it pairs well under a moisturizer. The only con I can think of is I may need a richer eye cream for the winter months. Once I’ve tried it out during the cooler months I’ll post an update.

3Source Vital Apothecary Chamomile Eye Cream

I’m in late thirties and find my skin needs a little more care than it did a decade ago. I bought the Chamomile Eye Cream from Source Vital Apothecary on a friend’s recommendation and I love it! The cream is made of all natural ingredients and essential oils like aloe vera, shea butter and chamomile, which provides nourishment to the skin and helps with ageing skin.

My skin is very dry and my eye area gets easily irritated and starts to flake if I don’t moisturize religiously.

With this eye cream my eye area is always hydrated, moist and feels supple. The redness from the flaking and dryness disappeared after just a few uses. After a month or so of using it regularly (both day and night) I noticed that the fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes have decreased dramatically. I have also gotten many compliments from friends about how youthful my eyes look.

I went through one jar of this and have already purchased another one. This is now my go to eye cream and I won’t be looking around for anything else. In fact I loved this product so much I purchased other products from this line.

2Venus Naturals Super Firming Eye Cream

After using many types of expensive eye creams which did nothing or very little for me I did some research and found Venus Naturals’ Super Firming Eye Cream. The first thing I loved about it is the fragrance, it smells absolutely wonderful and I love putting it on. The cream is made of natural products including French and German chamomile. The packaging says the cream works best for daytime use (so I only use it during the day) and helps protect against dirt, air pollutants and sun damage.

After a few weeks of use I found that my eyes felt fresh, vibrant and less strained. I have also noticed that my eye area is firmer, more toned and has less wrinkles than before.

The lightweight cream feels silky and luxurious and is a great way to start off my morning skin care routine. Another plus point for me is that the cream does not contain any synthetic ingredients. The packaging itself is beautiful and the glass jars can easily be washed and reused for other makeup products. This cream has given me better results than other more expensive brands and at the extremely affordable price you can’t go wrong!

1Aphrodite Eye Cream

The Aphrodite Eye Cream is heaven sent for my tired eyes. After just one day of use I noticed a difference instantly. I put it on at night and when I woke up the next morning, the dark circles under my eyes were a less noticeable. I was hooked! A few weeks of steady use (morning and night) and my eyes have never looked or felt better!

The smell is not too strong or overpowering, just a mild fragrance which is pleasing. Since it’s a very rich cream I was worried at first it would be too oily for my combination skin but it absorbs super well so I’m able to add other skin care products without my skin feeling heavy. My makeup glides on flawlessly and does not feel caked on. Whenever I work long hours or don’t sleep enough my eyes tend to get puffy but I put this on and the puffiness disappears. I used to use concealer on a daily basis to brighten up my eyes but since I started using this eye cream my concealer only comes out for special occasions. My eyes now always look bright, healthy and refreshed! One jar will easily get you through a couple of months.

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