I have done everything - I have exercised hard and tried all the muscle and bulking supplements. I know that it is key to use a workout supplement that builds muscles and helps me recover faster.


What are workout stacks?

A group of supplements taken together to enhance performance. Its difficult to gain muscle and burn body fat. Supplementation is critical.

#1 – Dr. Max Powers Anabolic Stack Pre-Workout & Testosterone

The days of bad boring workouts are over with this stack. I hate running. I honesty would love to chill at home and watch TV, but being a grown man who wants to look good, you have to go to the gym. I get so much energy when I use the Dr. Max Powers Anabolic Stack. My ability to run lasts longer and yes, sometimes I do get the face tingles but its not so much and I actually like the little stimulation. Its just the right amount of power before the workout and there is no crash – so that’s a great sign. No jitters like I do with other preworkout supplements.

I’ve been using it for a year now. All you need is one packet half hour before you hit the gym and it makes me mentally and physically focused and ready to go hard for a solid hour.

#2 – Alpha Gx7 Pre-workout – Maximized Energy

Alpha GX7 is a pre-workout supplement that contains both stimulant and non-stimulant performance ingredients. Its watermelon flavor and has 1500mg of citrulline, with beta alanine which gives me an enormous energy boost. So if your main concern is energy/focus then this is it! It also contains 1500mg of Arginine AKG for bigger pumps.

The ingredients are geared to you drive and focus. Almost like a mental patient – but that is a good thing when lifting weights.

#3 – VINTAGE BUILD – The Essential 3-in-1 Muscle Builder

It is a 330 grams powder and comes in 30 serving. It is formulated around the main three muscle building ingredients i.e. branched chain amino acids (BCAA), creatine monohydrate, and L-glutamine. It is suited for both men and women. Vintage build is GMO Free, Gluten Free and also Vegetarian friendly

#4 – HIT Supplements Peak Perform Pre Workout Supplement

HIT offers an All in one Performance Stack, i.e. pre, Intra and Post Workout Supplement of 42 servings. It is the ideal training partner. The three product kit gives you a decent pump, makes you sweat, and provides you with focus and amazing energy needed for a good workout.
It provides plenty of energy which is incredible. I definitely notice when using this that fatigue does not set in. And then helps you recover and be ready for the next intense session.

#5 – S500 T-250, platinum PCT

When I became over 35, I definitely noticed a decline in my testosterone production. With less testosterone, its harder to build muscle, and easier to gain fat. This product is a testosterone booster for men. Their ingredients are all natural. It’s a value pack containing T-250 a testosterone booster, S-500 which is formulated to support lean muscle and burn fat, and, Platinum PCT that helps the muscle-building hormones and support cardiovascular health.
So if you want to lose some weight and you think that low testosterone is problematic for you, then a value pack like this will be your choice.

Bonus – Best for Post-Workout:

POWERBUILD Clinically Dosed Recovery Supplement

This is the best post-workout stack. You take this when you are finished working out.
Powerbuild is a recovery powder designed to give maximum growth post workout. Powerbuild is formulated with the best ingredients for post workout recovery like Creatine and Glutamine. All ingredients are formulated at an ideal level with proper research taken into account. It also helps to stop the creation of lactic acid. Basically, it’s a post workout stack as it helps in muscle recovery and boost their strength after a brutal workout. It helps reducing muscle soreness after a workout.

Powerbuild comprises of many different ingredients: 2.5-g of Betaine, 2-g of Beta Alanine, 3-g of Creatine, 4-g of L-Leucine. Likewise, comprises L-Glutamine, which aids in restoring the damaged muscles

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