Top 3 Worst Things About the Flash TV Series

The third season of Flash is off to a great start. We are in a Flashpoint Paradox, which means Barry Allen has gone back in time, and changed the future to some unknown. And we are living in it now. One of the best things of Season 3 is that the characters are developing, maturing, and growing with evolving personalities and depth.

worst things about the Flash TV show

While I enjoyed Season 2 of Flash, I did not like is that there was no character development from Season 1. The characters remained exactly the same. Barry and Iris were still awkward with each other in puppy love, and Kaitlyn and Vibe were just side characters with quirky comments. All the same. Season 2 was a good season however, because of the new villain Zoom and how brutal he was. He was scary and tough. He was way more brutal than the Reverse Flash, and was great to watch and a mystery.

In the first 10 episodes, we already have a lot going on in Flash Season 3, and this is making for the start of an excellent series (and probably the best on television at the moment). However, here is what is not working:

3Killer Frost / Kaitlyn Has No Reason to Turn Bad

killer frost from the flash
Killer Frost has no reasons for going evil. She just is.

Kaitlyn is turning into Killer Frost. We saw Killer Frost in Flash Season 2 and we loved her. She was evil. For some reason, in this new Flashpoint Paradox we are living in Season 3, Kaitlyn is turning into Killer Frost the more she uses her powers – and the more she uses them the more evil she gets. I hope she is the major villain of this season, as I am a huge fan of good guys gone bad, only to find redemption again at the end. [Most good guys that go bad have a reason – but I am not sure exactly what Kaitlyn’s reasons are, besides using her powers too much. I hope there is some story there like – Reference: Buffy the Vampire Slayer in Season 6 when Willow went bad because they murdered her girlfriend. Again, I’m not sure what is making Kaitlyn go all Killer Frost, but I hope there is some substance behind it, other than – she is just bad.

I was a huge fan of everything Wells & Reverse Flash, I am digging how this latest version of Wells is a hippie from another dimension. Adds some new flavor to the show, and something i never expected to see. Especially when the old Wells come back. This is excellent.

2Barry and Iris’s Relationship is Boring Because it has not Changed

iris from the flash

Barry and Iris are still awkward. They have known each other their whole lives, and have been pretty much hooking up for the last 3 years, yet at the start of every season they are never sure if they like each other, Barry is all insecure and they are never sure if they should kiss or not. This is ridiculous. If the writers want conflict, they need to create it amongst their relationship and not have them always be stuck in that first level of boy meets girl. Its crappy TV writing, and will not keep viewers entertained for that long.

iris from flash as wonder woman
Iris, from The Flash, dressed as Wonder Woman. #sexy

1Grant Gustin, who plays The Flash / Barry Allen, has no range!

While I actually like the actor who plays Barry Allen, and think he plays the roll well – by Season 3, it became crystal clear to me why he was not picked to play in the movie version of the flash in the Warner Brothers movie and its because the actor who plays Barry Allen has no range at all. No emotional range. He is very good that this weekly TV role and being cool, calm and the TV Flash who we only see once a week for 45 minutes. But to carry an entire 2 hour Warner Brothers movie with appearances in the Justice League and many more? No way – we would be bored with him because he has no range.

While I like the actor who plays the Flash now on TV and think he good, I wonder if we will see the character grow overtime, or if Barry Allen will just stay the same throughout the whole series. The actor really just does the same thing in every episode. i do realize how this is good – but for a series to be successful in the long run, the audience needs to see different sides of a character and not some role that he is accompanied to playing.

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