Before you tell me to die, I am a major fan of Supergirl. I love the character and I love the show. As of now (December 2016), Supergirl it is the strongest CW Comic Book show in the ratings.

That being said, here is what is wrong with Supergirl Season 2 (mid-season):

1. Supergirl is Not Sexy Enough

I am not saying ALL female characters must be sexy, as there are many female characters in the DC Universe that are not considered sexy – but Supergirl is not one of them. Therefore, the show needs to make sure they stay true to that character and have her be a bombshell.

Its also not that Melissa is not extremely gorgeous. She is extremely gorgeous and one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. However, this is not Dawsons Creek. Jazz her up a little bit and stop making her out to be this coy, shy girl. I feel like this version of Supergirl sets the women’s liberation movement back 40 years because she is so coy and meek, and not the bad-ass she really is. Reference Wonder Woman for what a bad ass female looks like. Supergirl (in the same vein as Catwoman) is meant to be a sexy vixen, and we are not getting that currently on the show. While overall the look of the outfits is good:

The Supergirl costume covers too much skin, and should have some cut outs or be shorter.

The show has definitely done a good job with the overall look, though I do wish the costume tone was a bit darker

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2. End The Relationship With Jimmy Olsen (this has been done)

We sat through two seasons of watching an insecure Supergirl and equally awkward Jimmy Olsen have a boring high school crush on each other. In mid-season, Supergirl has moved on and is now into the hot guy alien from Daxsum, who appeared this season, named Mon-El.

Supergirl & mon-El
Supergirl & actor Chris Wood, who plays Mon-El (alien from Daxsum)

3. The Primary Audience for Supergirl is Male

I know women do watch superhero shows and play video games – I totally get it – but I am almost certain that the majority of viewers (even if it is only a 60% majority) are male. And Im sure even the females watching would still agree with this point:

We watch Supergirl because she is Supergirl and not Lauren from the Hills, or Jennifer Love Hewitt from Party of Five.

Get rid of the emotional plot lines. Its ok to have some – but this is not a drama. We want action.  As I mentioned before, evolving emotions and advancing personalities are great and required to have a successful show, but, for the most part – we want live action and fights. Not so much sisterly love, or awkward love glances and shy gazes.

4. Replace Calista Flockhart with Another Female

I enjoyed having Calista Flockhart play Supergirl’s over the top boss, however, it was a straight knock off “Devil Wears Prada”, so the audience was not buying the character. They did nothing to give the character any real depth, and instead she was just a cartoon adaptation from the boss in Devil Wears Prada. So, I am glad she is gone, but I would like to see a female replacement that Kara has to beef with. Secondly, it would also be nice to have another female Supervillian. Think: Powergirl or Batwoman.

5. Side note: If you are going to have a lesbian character (Alex Danvers), dont make the whole focus of her being a lesbian. Its 2017 – she can be a lesbian and not have to talk about being a lesbian the whole time.

Supergirl Promo Flyer
Go Supergirl! Looking forward to Season 3!


  1. In the CW version of supergirl, she is Clark Kent and superman’s basic personality. The reason supergirl had more of an appeal in the comics is she was far less likely to pull her punches, and used her powers without restraint or too much real concern. It is also stated by superman that he would rather not fight her, as she is someone who could possibly beat him in a fully powered fight. This is becoming more evident in the CW show as the story processes, but it’s still not at a level where she would have been in comic form.

  2. You’re totally wrong. Supergirl was never a sex kitten. An example costume is appropriate for the show, remember that there are children watching. And last season the #’s were 51% male viewership and 49% female.

  3. ?? what version of supergirl is supposed to be a sexy vixen? Sure, on the show she’s 23 but in the comics she’s like 16.. so if that’s what yer into… in the past she’d been a lil more rebellious and a lil more naive – but again.. 16 in the comics.

    This is just like all the people complaining why can’t superman in the movies be more dark like Batman… So they give us a moody and brooding Superman and he’s utterly boring.

  4. I agree that she’s not like what she is in the comics, but if she were, she’d be an angsty teen. This Clark Kent version of Supergirl is fine for the Arrowverse shows. When I say Clark Kent, I mean because she’s a reporter.

  5. I strongly disagree. I initially felt that way on the first episode, but as I watched I noticed the character going through personal growth. 1 the characters barely been a hero, as well when a character with the powers of superman has little weakness they need some vulnerability , and I’d argue in the latest episodes she’s been too cocky, and not meek enougj for where she is in her characters super hero career. This is a character older than most of us, and deserves to be given a chance to grow, and be treated with respect, and not have to be one dimentional.

  6. She’s meant, in the books, to be teenaged, not a voluptuous siren. Her sexuality isn’t under or overstated and she’s a far cry from Emma Frost or Poison Ivy, so that’s perfectly fine. She’s not desexualized in a puritanical fashion in show or book.

  7. I agree that they should move away from shy Kara (it is happening just too slowly IMHO). But they don’t need to make her “sexy” to do so. This is a show I’m PROUD to watch with my 10 year old daughter as this incarnation is a positive role model for all.

  8. Guys, one of the shows themes is alienation. She has to have that sense of not belonging- it’s a central part of the show ‘ s message.

    It’s about conformity, being the other, and walking the line in the middle.

    I wish more people would think about the deeper meaning in shows like these. America wouldn’t force conformity like it’s currently doing if we thought about this than demanded all female heroes share the same basic personality.

    • This shows theme is about aliens- and alienation. It’s about being different, not fitting in, being the other in a society that is moving toward crushing conformity (want proof? How about articles that demand an individual character be like two other well known characters?)

      If you take away her discomfort, you’d wreck the thematic drive of the show. Not a lot a analytical deep readers/ viewers in the thread, huh?

  9. ….uh, you think she has to sexually arouse men? And that’s setting back feminism?

    Ok, I’m a guy, but I’ve taken a few feminist theory classes, and isn’t the point that the woman has the self autonomy to be herself? That it’s ok to be Catwoman with her sexual identity, Wonder Woman with her dominance and aggressive abilities, or Supergirl, with her innocent dedication to simply doing good.

    Women chose their definition. They don’t have to all be the same.

    Am I missing something?

  10. Sooo, every female superhero should be like Wonder Woman, a character created out of clay and trained by the greatest warriors? Geez, that’s kinda… boring isn’t it? I have to agree with Jenna. She can be badass and not not sexist clone of other’s idea of what a female superhero should be.

  11. Judging by the backstory given in the show, you have a young woman who has literally had to hide her true self for most of her life. This does not lend to her being the self assured, confident badass you wish to see her as Kara Danvers. As Supergirl she is the equivalent of a bumbling adolescent, just learning what she is capable of. This too tends to hold someone back from being a confident badass.

    View her as a character who is just learning her strengths, weaknesses, desires and limitations instead of injecting all the years of comic book knowledge you have of the person she is to become.

    The way the story is playing out is to humanize her, make the viewer relate to her and care about her. It is well written television to engage the viewer.

    Your opinion of what is “sexy” is completely irrelevant until you are the executive producer on the show.

    As the father of an 11 year old girl, I appreciate the way they can portray her struggles and show the many ways she is forced to cope and adapt to things. I feel it sets a good example for young women.

  12. No, She is a physical representation of female strength and perseverance, not some floozy eye candy that jiggles for your overly sexualized ambigious preferences. She is meant to be a role model, to show that woman are every bit as capable as a there male counterpart, without the need to degrade themselves with the need to show skin. She dresses modestly because she confidence, she is not meek she is reserved and dignified, shoe works at a crummy day to day job like everyone else yet she remains high spirited not because it’s her place but because she is intelligent and enjoys the job she does. She holds the power of a God, yet you don’t see her being all ‘crazy’ because of her lady parts, instead she owns who she is and is empowered not by krytonian DNA but rather my her since of self worth. I’m glad they didn’t cast some big tired blonde with a tight ass. If you want eye candy go watch a porn. She is a symbol of equality in the face of adversity, and not just some jezzable that flies.
    They say magic does not exist in our world, yet look at you go with your misogynistic alchemy, turning woman into trophies.

  13. I don’t agree with the sexy comment but I do wish she was more assertive. Seriously she is one of the most powerful beings on the planet. There would be a whole level of confidence that comes from that the same way a person might feel from losing weight or getting braces off. Her meekness doesn’t fit who she is.

  14. Supergirl is NOT meant to be a sexy vixen like Catwoman, and anyone who thinks that doesnt know anything about Supergirl or the Superman Family in general. That was never what she represented, despite that unfortunate time they started drawing her with the crop top. This article proceeds from a false premise.

    • The Batman I know wore a blue and grey suit, was built like an Olympian athlete and didn’t wear glasses, but that doesn’t make me like Michael Keaton any less. This is an adaptation, not a direct translation from one medium to another. Badass Supergirl never existed in comics until the 21st Century reintroduction of the character. Pre-Crisis Supergirl was very much like the character on this show. This article seems to think Supergirl didn’t exist until Michael Turner drew her. The brash, hothead Supergirl from the Justice League cartoons was not based on her comics version. I am a huge Superman nerd. I mean, even by nerd standards. I am not just giving opinions here. I read Supergirl comics 40 years ago until now. I think adapting her as a new hero just starting out and forging her own legend is a great place for the TV series to begin. She’s basically been given a Clark Kent vibe. That works.

  15. My family and I have been watching this show since episode one. In case you haven’t realized it yet, each show in the DC universe fits a specific niche of comic book fans. Arrow is the dark and gritty universe, The Flash is the traditional comic book action faire. The Legends of Tomorrow is the time-travelling high fantasy type that are over the top but entertaining. Supergirl was built for families, for kids to say “hey, she’s awesome.”

    Kara is an excellent character. And the original pilot commercial made us leery about the show in the beginning. As she has slowly come into her own, it makes sense. She did not start out in the comics being oversexualized (the last Supergirl I read she still wasn’t that way…) or sexy. She was a teenager who was still finding her way. Like this incarnation who has thoughts and feelings. She needs to be relatable to people.

    If she is super powerful and overconfident, sexy and vampy, it gets people to watch… but it doesn’t keep them. How many shows can you think of with a sexy, vamped up female protagonist that lasted? The closest thing I can think of is Charlie’s Angels… and if you look back on them, they were sexy, but not oversexualized (I am talking about the original series, not the horrible television remake). The same as Wonder Woman.

    And one final note… Jimmy Olsen and Supergirl DID date for a time.

  16. Supergirl is not supposed to be a sexy vixen like Catwoman. Powergirl yes but Supergirl, no. There are some versions of her outfit that did show some midriff but in an athletic sort of way or even have a more swimsuit kind of look to it (New 52). Although most of her outfits have stayed fairly true to what the shows version is, just altered here and there at times. Those pictures posted in the article are most likely fan service pictures and not official DC merch. As for the coy and mild mannered demeanor…that is what Supergirl and Superman both do for their alter egos. She is strong but most of the emotional parts of the episode are Kara figuring out that balance of being strong but not doing collateral damage to the people around her at the same time. Being the strongest person in the world, you need to have restraint but still need to have enough power to put the bad guys away. It’s a tightrope walk she has to do and that is where the struggle for her comes in. Know your OFFICIAL (not the fan service) comics history before you start writing next time.

  17. Wait a minute? Why should she be a sexy vixen? I don’t get it. Aside from a dude wanting to jerk off to it, what’s the point? What would it possibly add to the story? Nothing. Pfft. Stupid article.

  18. “this sets the women’s rights movement back”

    “supergirl isn’t sexy enough”

    If you think women empowerment has to do with how much sex appeal a woman has, you should do a bit more research.

    • Leave it to a woman to directly correlate the word sexy to outfits that are skanktastic.

      Women’s rights were brought up because male superheroes in shows are shown to be openly strong, vigilant, aggressive.

      The OP didnt at all mean or even reference the costume or looks.

      They said coy, and meek. Both of which she shouldn’t be. Openly strong about her strength or abilities or intelligence can also be sexy. Which is what was being referred to.

      They are simply stating that super girl as a character and how she acts is made to look…..less than her counter part male heroes who are in every way different than how they present super girl.

      Badass means taking no shit. Badass means not hiding this or that in lieu of making a character more feminine in the viewers eyes.

      God damn. You people who bitch about sexy only meaning half dressed is as one dimensional as the DC movie universe. Fuck.

      Why was wonder woman “Badass”? Cause she didnt care what people thought? Partly…..but largely in part to the fact that she had no problem showing exactly what she was made of. Even if it meant going toe to toe with any other male super hero counter part.

  19. I think the writer made a poorly targeted point, people are confusing superman’s values with kara’s. In the comic’s she’s by no means shy or reserved in pretty much EVERY version of her, however, i don’t think her not being some kinda femme fetale is bad for the show

  20. What the writer sees as shy, coy and meek, others see as wholesome, earnest and good. Which is what any character with the Kryptonian “S” on their chest should be. Superman (and by proxy, Supergirl) has always represented ideals that we as humans strive to achieve. The writer has clearly given up on those ideals and needs a character like Supergirl to sink down to their level so they can feel just a little bit better about their own lack of ethics and morality. Sad and pathetic.

  21. Oh boo hoo. This woman isn’t enough of an object for you. Grow the eff up. Bad ass doesn’t mean sexy. Bad ass means being yourself despite what shallow people think/want. If you don’t like it, don’t watch. But if you thinkuyou have a valid opinion of how womens rights are being set back and you base it on appearance preferences you are wrong. The only one setting back womens rights here is you.

    • Wonder Woman was recently “fired” from the UN for not promoting a healthy image of women. Unfortunately, this tells women that you cant be sexy AND powerful. I dont like that. Women can be both if they choose

    • Don’t play the leave it to a woman game it makes you look like an ass. Also, on a regular basis i talk about how male super heroes are damaging to mald body image because it is unrealistic. A male super hero is often “perfect” with very few flaws. I often talk about how most male super heroes are so similar to each other that there should be a variety that all men can look upto, not just the ones with fragilw masculinity.

      PS: because you started your rant by demeaning me i read the first line and that was it. You wasted your own time here.

    • Youve obviously never been a true comic follower if you think they are all perfect.

      Many of them are very for from it. And body wise they are called super heroes for a reason. They are super in every way possible. Or did you miss that memo.

      Its only directly taken as that way by 99% of Americans becsuae 99% of America is literally too dumb to think outside the box. Thus proven directly right here.

      Actually I demeaned an entire gender of we want equality bitching people when really you want extra special snowflake treatment but still want to be on par with the men.

      Gabriel Martinez are you done sucking her tit now? Guys like you are pathetic. Well maybe if I take this wonans side ill get likes and more women will think Im such a heartfelt fella. Back over the border dummy

    • Actually i know quite a bit about comics and character flaws. But im not talking about the achilies heel that they over come to save the day. Im talking about the every day flaws that would be accepted and not change.

      Just go away. Im sick of hearing you tell me how i should be represented on screen and how i should think. Bye now.

    • Questioning a groups intelligence while having so many issues in one’s spelling….. You da real MVP. Was that the best response you can come up with? You’re taking her side for likes, blah, blah, blah. Lol Damn that’s original. Must have taken a while. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that statement before on “them internetz” those youngsters talk of.

    • Jenna Murphy, no offense but Robbie was pretty spot on in his first post. Though I don’t agree with everything he says he’s pretty spot on when bringing up Wonder Woman. And male superheroes aren’t these perfect specimens either, each one have a huge variety of flaws. We’re not trying to tell you how you should be represented all women are different as are all men. That’s why there IS a huge variety of male superheroes out there, as are female superheroes.

    • As soon as anyone says, ‘leave it to a woman to’, feel free to disregard whatever misogynistic pigshit spews out afterward.

      It’s the woman hater’s version of the racist’s ‘I have a black friend, but…’

      Here we see a bunch of men whining about whether women are sexy enough or not.

      Wrong question. The question is why we expect them to be sexy- because flying, super strength, and the fight to protect the weak and oppressed is simply not enough?


    • The argument always seems circular, if she isn’t a sexy bad ass then it is oppressing women. If she is a sexy bad ass then it is objectifying women. When do women get to start being part of the diverse group of individuals within the world?

    • they are not all supposed to be sexy. But Supergirl is SUPPOSED to be! Thats her character! You cant have a fat catwoman doing cartwheels in the streets of gotham

    • It’s not a matter of sexy either way in some of her original stuff she knew she was strong and wasn’t shy about it. And Jason Prescott is strength in a woman not sexy? Sexy doesn’t just mean looks…and I would actually say supergirl is meant to be sexy. Not in a catwoman sense though

    • Of course some snowflake of a human has to make a comment saying sexy is simply scantly clad uniforms.

      Intelligence is sexy. Strength is sexy. Confidence is sexy.

      I think you missed what the OP was trying say.

    • I think I, at least, did NOT miss what the OP was trying to say, and it’s just factually WRONG. I read the article. It is a complete misunderstanding of the character. It says in the article that she needs to show more skin. That is what it SAYS. That’s absurd. This is the classic Supergirl costume, and saying she needs a bare midriff and a micro-mini is as relevant as saying she should have a huge perm and a red headband, like in the 80’s comics.

    • Supergirl character is not suppose to be sexy, and her uniform strongly reflects most of her past uniforms. Supergirl is suppose to be the female counterpart of superman. I am a huge comic nerd, and the shows characterisation is spot on. What makes female.comic book characters sexy on TV should be their personalities. In comics you only have the writing and the drawing, that’s why they are drawn the way they are. And if you need a woman , superhero or otherwise to show a bunch of skin to be sexy you have a warped idea of what sexy is.

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