Before you tell me to die, I am a major fan of Supergirl. I love the character and I love the show. As of now (December 2016), Supergirl it is the strongest CW Comic Book show in the ratings.

That being said, here is what is wrong with Supergirl Season 2 (mid-season):

1. Supergirl is Not Sexy Enough

I am not saying ALL female characters must be sexy, as there are many female characters in the DC Universe that are not considered sexy – but Supergirl is not one of them. Therefore, the show needs to make sure they stay true to that character and have her be a bombshell.

Its also not that Melissa is not extremely gorgeous. She is extremely gorgeous and one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. However, this is not Dawsons Creek. Jazz her up a little bit and stop making her out to be this coy, shy girl. I feel like this version of Supergirl sets the women’s liberation movement back 40 years because she is so coy and meek, and not the bad-ass she really is. Reference Wonder Woman for what a bad ass female looks like. Supergirl (in the same vein as Catwoman) is meant to be a sexy vixen, and we are not getting that currently on the show. While overall the look of the outfits is good:

The Supergirl costume covers too much skin, and should have some cut outs or be shorter.

The show has definitely done a good job with the overall look, though I do wish the costume tone was a bit darker

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2. End The Relationship With Jimmy Olsen (this has been done)

We sat through two seasons of watching an insecure Supergirl and equally awkward Jimmy Olsen have a boring high school crush on each other. In mid-season, Supergirl has moved on and is now into the hot guy alien from Daxsum, who appeared this season, named Mon-El.

Supergirl & mon-El
Supergirl & actor Chris Wood, who plays Mon-El (alien from Daxsum)

3. The Primary Audience for Supergirl is Male

I know women do watch superhero shows and play video games – I totally get it – but I am almost certain that the majority of viewers (even if it is only a 60% majority) are male. And Im sure even the females watching would still agree with this point:

We watch Supergirl because she is Supergirl and not Lauren from the Hills, or Jennifer Love Hewitt from Party of Five.

Get rid of the emotional plot lines. Its ok to have some – but this is not a drama. We want action.  As I mentioned before, evolving emotions and advancing personalities are great and required to have a successful show, but, for the most part – we want live action and fights. Not so much sisterly love, or awkward love glances and shy gazes.

4. Replace Calista Flockhart with Another Female

I enjoyed having Calista Flockhart play Supergirl’s over the top boss, however, it was a straight knock off “Devil Wears Prada”, so the audience was not buying the character. They did nothing to give the character any real depth, and instead she was just a cartoon adaptation from the boss in Devil Wears Prada. So, I am glad she is gone, but I would like to see a female replacement that Kara has to beef with. Secondly, it would also be nice to have another female Supervillian. Think: Powergirl or Batwoman.

5. Side note: If you are going to have a lesbian character (Alex Danvers), dont make the whole focus of her being a lesbian. Its 2017 – she can be a lesbian and not have to talk about being a lesbian the whole time.

Supergirl Promo Flyer
Go Supergirl! Looking forward to Season 3!


  1. I agree. Make her sexier.

    I know, I know, “but it’s an oversexualization of woman! Stop sexualizing us, we are not a piece of meat to be stared at all day!” Yet when it comes to men heroes, they just have to be this big buff super hot dude right?(aside from Superman in supergirl. I also don’t like him too much, he reminds me more of the bad guy from Lazytown, and less of the super Kryptonian he is.)

    But Supergirl NEEDS to be sexy. She’s not just some regular human that got superpowers from somewhere, she is a kryptonian! Kryptonians are supposed to be genetically superior to humans in nearly every way. The men, and woman are supposed to be a lot more advanced, and evolved than humans in both looks and intellect.

    Don’t get me wrong, the actor is a very beautiful woman, but she’s too much of a “shy modest normal girl”, and not enough “sexy cheerleader that every girl envies”. Take the show Smallville for instance, Kara in Smallville is a perfect example of what they should’ve picked. She is beautiful, she is sexy, and she’s got that hardened attitude that shows she can, and will kick some ass if needed.

    It sucks, it’s 2017 and everyone is so sensitive and cries so much that we can’t even have a sexy woman lead without people throwing fits about “sexism”. We have to make them look “ordinary” even though the whole ideology behind the character is that they are superior to humans. We have to emphasize the whole “lesbian and Gay” angle, we don’t need to sit there and emphasize it for every single new show and video game just to improve ratings. People want so badly to think “oh, they’re LGBTQRSLMNOP friendly!” But in reality, they know this is the new “hot button issue”, so they show their support in order to bring in views. Can’t we just have a character that is gay(like the black dude on Arrow) without actually emphasizing it? Without creating whole episodes about “oh I’m gay, but I’m not, but I am! But oh no, she doesn’t like me back.. I’m not gay no more! I hate my life! Oh she likes me?! Yay! I’m gay! I’ve got a girlfriend! I’m gay im gay I’m gay!” Just have her come out, and be gay without creating the drama. It gets to be too much.

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