Stretch Marks on Men

The most common places men get stretch marks is where there may be excess muscle or fat storage. Men usually have more fat on their abdomen. Upper arms, shoulders, back, and thigh stretch marks are usually from muscle increase and then decrease.

What About Stretch Marks on Shoulders?

stretch mark creams for menMen usually get stretch marks on their shoulders when they lift weights and increase in size. This put the dermis under strain and it easily and quickly expands and ruptures. Eventually the marks appear.

  • Retinoic cream – it increases the amount of connective tissues in the skin which prevents breakdown of skin. It helps in the formation of more collagen and elastin. I have used a retinoic serum with hyaluronic acid – bought it on amazon here:
  • Laser treatments can work for some people but they are expensive. They stimulating melanin which will make your skin color tone eventually match the tone of the non-stretch mark areas.
  • Microdermabrasion improves skin structure by blasting away stretch marked skin cells. This is a treatment in which fragments of silicon dioxide are blasted into the area of the stretch marks.

Best Stretch Mark Products for Men Who Workout

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