When I use Cellucor C4, the side effects that I felt are following:

  • Jitters and nausea – It has caffeine so that leads to jitters and nausea.
  • Tingling – I kind of like this side effect, because it means it’s kicking and I actually enjoy the tingling. But research show this is a slight allergic reaction to the Beta Alanine in the C4.
  • Headache – If I am really stressed, or I drank alcohol the night before using C4 at the gym, I will get a headache after the workout.

Other things I have heard from friends:

  • Nervousness
  • Shaking
  • irregular heart beat
  • Restlessness.

NO Xplode

NoXplode is a nitric oxide muscle building powerhouse that contains caffeine, creatine and l-arginine.

Cant Sleep After Taking NoExplode

My main concern regarding usage of No Xplode, was that I could not sleep after using it – even though I had taken it 8 hour earlier. This is because NoXplode contains B vitamins and caffeine which raises the heart beat. Thus, it becomes difficult for me to sleep. It has methyl xanthine, a form of caffeine which does keep you up at night.

Blood pressure

According to a recent research Nitric oxide indeed stimulates blood circulation through the body to increase blood flow in the muscle. One might feel mild headaches and dehydration owing to extreme sweating and the increased blood rate. The rise in blood circulation rate causes increase in blood pressure which can lead to very serious health conditions like Heart attacks, strokes, and aneurysms etc.


Just like Cellucor, NoXplode does mess up my stomach. Your digestive system has to work extra hard to absorb the combination of caffeine, creatine, and b vitamins.

Dangers of Using too Much C4 or NoExplode

cellulor at the gymWhen I stopped taking NoXplode and Cellulor, I noticed a decrease in my gym performance. That was because my body was used to the caffeine, b-vitamins, and creatine and once I stopped consuming those ingredients I felt fatigue since I was dependent on them for a long period.

NoExplode vs. Cellulor C4 Comparison

Serving size -The serving size for NO Xplode is 18.5 grams and in case of C4 its 6.5 grams.
Popularity – Both are two of the more commonly used pre-workouts and are both sold in many locations.

C4 has been rated 8.1 at supplementreviews.com and 8.5 on bodybuilding.com whereas NO Xplode has been rated 6.7 on supplementreviews.com and 8.6 on bodybuilding.com. Its definitely worth taking since CNN released a report that super foods are recommended to lose weight.

Taste – The flavors that I tried were Blue Raspberry C4 and Fruit Punch N. O. -Xplode and Watermelon N. O. -Xplode. And I found that the taste of N. O. -Xplode is quite good but can be slightly overwhelming.

Ease of Mixing – C4 certainly won on this one because it mixes quite easily than the N. O. -Xplode. Because N. O. -Xplode generally requires a few minutes of stirring and still sometimes you can find residue. The N. O. -Xplode does not mix easily. The C4 needs only a little effort.

Foaming – N. O. -Xplode foams up quite a bit as compared to Cellucor C4 and thus it takes a few minutes to go down.

NoXplode is definitely more of a caffeine energy boost type of thing, whereas Cellulor C4 gives you bigger muscles and pumps. I think the NoXplode side effects are worse than the Cellulor C4 side effects.

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