Nintendo needs to stop making game consoles

The Wii U is an inferior system in every way. It has some amazing Nintendo-exclusive titles that you won’t be able to play on any other system (like Super Mario franchise, Legend of Zelda franchise, etc.), but it seems that they could generate higher income if they stopped trying to compete with Sony and Microsoft on the console market, and simply release these amazing games on those systems instead.

Nintendo Zelda

Nintendo needs to stop making video game consoles, and only focus on making video games because that is what it does best. Since Nintendo owns all the rights to Mario Brothers and Zelda – they need to start releasing those games on the XBox and Playstation, instead of releasing subpar gaming consoles and making everyone waste their money. No one wants a Nintendo – but everyone wants to play Mario & Zelda!

The NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) was released all the way back in 1985, and was a huge success. The company has since released a number of consoles, but ever since the first PlayStation entered the market (back in 1994), Nintendo has been struggling to stay popular. Suitability issues were deepened with the release of the Xbox, and it remains to be seen if Nintendo will stop making consoles in the near future as it doesn’t seem that they can keep up with the competition.

Wii U vs. PlayStation 4

When it comes to direct comparison of the Wii U, and the planetary popular PlayStation 4, there is no question that the PlayStation 4 is a more powerful gaming device. Let’s take processor for an example. The PlayStation 4 has an octa-core (8 cores) AMD Jaguar processor, a technological marvel capable of handling anything with ease, whereas the Wii U has only a tri-core PowerPC CPU. This is just the beginning of PlayStation’s domination over the Wii U. One of the most important pieces of hardware when it comes to gaming consoles is the GPU (Graphical Processing Unit), and it’s astonishing how big the difference is between the two consoles. The PlayStation 4 comes equipped with the AMD Radeon Graphics Core GPU with 1152 shaders, which is over 3.6 times more shaders than on the Wii U’s AMD Latte GPU (320 shaders). We could compare every single piece of hardware featured in both consoles, and PS4 would emerge victorious every time. It has more RAM (8GB DDR5 vs. 2GB DDR3), more storage (500GB HDD vs. only 8GB or 32GB Flash), better performance, removable hard drive, etc.

When it comes to the list of available features, the PS4 has could storage at their disposal, allowing them to upload and share screenshots, videos, save data, etc. It is pretty cool that the games are playable as they download, granted that they have downloaded a certain amount of content that is required for game’s operation. The experience might not be flawless until the game is fully downloaded, but it will be more than playable. Different PSN accounts are accessible from different consoles on the PS4 as well, which really comes in handy if someone else’s system is being used. Simply accessing the account from someone else’s PS4 grants access to everything the user has access to on their own system. The lack of AAA titles are another problem that the Wii U is facing as game developers are reluctant to release a game on a system that simply can’t run the next-gen titles the way they should be ran.

The Wii U is an inferior system in every way. It has some amazing Nintendo-exclusive titles that you won’t be able to play on any other system (like Super Mario franchise, Legend of Zelda franchise, etc.), but it seems that they could generate higher income if they stopped trying to compete with Sony and Microsoft on the console market, and simply release these amazing games on those systems instead. These games would definitely be top sellers, but unfortunately they are limited to Nintendo only, preventing a lot of people from experiencing them. Fortunately, Nintendo has recently admitted that the Wii U was a failure, and it remains to be seen if they will finally stop trying to make consoles that simply aren’t able to compete with the titans that are PS4 and Xbox One.


  1. One i disagree i bought the wii u with the intention of playing 3 games and having fun and i found myself buying and having a lot of fun with 7 while i bought my ps4 and was intending on having fun with at least 5 and have hadfun with 2 one battleborn which is a dying game anyway and 2 LBP 3 which is LBP 1 which i can still play and have lots of gun on also i don’t have to pay anything to use online features on my wii u

    2 wii u doesn’t need great graphic things because they have great art to make up for the lackluster power pikmin 3 is still the most beautiful game i have played followed by pikmin 2 mario sunshine and wind waker HD all things on nintendo consoles

    3 nintendo still has good classic fun games something i cant find on my ps4 besides LBP CoD is toxic with unbalanced gameplay while mario kart is just fun chaotic with just the right amount of skill needed wind waker is just way more fun compared to something like bloudbourne

  2. No, Sty. They should not stop making consoles.

    I am a huge Nintendo fan. And I for one loved the Wii and Wii U. I saw a lot of flaws in the Wii U, but in the end, they are beaten out by what the console offered.

    Everyone has their right to their opinions, but that one is short-sighted and asinine.

  3. Why does everyone want Nintendo to be another clone of the other 2 systems? Why can’t they innovate and still be respected. If you’re a true gamer you wouldn’t mind owning all three systems. If someone wrote an article about wanting halo on PlayStation they would be chewed up and door out by the public. Why not say “Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo should just team up and make consoles”? Because it’s a fucking pipedream!!! If you love games as I do. Then by an Xbox for halo, a PlayStation for Uncharted, and Nintendo for Zelda. Quit bitching and just game.

  4. Dude as a life long gamer who has owned almost all the consoles and now only has two. A PC workstation and a New 3DS, you do not know what you are talking about. Nintendo is the company Sony and Microsoft copy. They may be conservative but they know how to make new interesting things. By all means don’t buy them but for the rest of us? Nintendo is the company to beat not the company to concede.

  5. is this even a serious article lol.
    the Wii was the highest selling console ever… the Wii U failed due to bad marketing, the switch will revolutionize gaming, so nintendo should continue to make consoles, but bring more software as well.

  6. Playstation 1 was out when 64 cane out and they are completely different but hoth great Xbox copies playstation but added music so U can play and listen x box is killing console for the fact that they started charging for online gaming on the 360 now ps4 charges so duck Xbox and it’s 12 games lol

  7. Famous Nintendo characters shouldn’t be in other console’s plain amd simple nintendo brings the fun for.everyone don’t put it to other conpanys….specialy Microsoft

  8. Nintendo would probably make more money if they did cut out their consoles and made games for other consoles. They would be able to market to a larger audience rather than just the ones willing to buy their system

  9. But the consoles they make DONT SELL they make amazing 1st party games but they only have a handful of GOOD games worth spending money on for the WiiU everything else is garbage they lose money making these systems that don’t sell whatever nintendo touches turns to gold except there consoles lately the last gem that nintendo released was the gamecube but the wii and WiiU are duds

  10. Fuck you and everything you stand for homie. The day I see Zelda or Metroid on a Sony machine is the day I switch to computer gaming and leave the consoles in my wake. You can suck a LONG dick

  11. Nintendo makes their money on exclusivity. PS n Xbox are sluts for games. They both have almost the exact same games, n the more generations come out, the less difference there is between them. Nintendo has games those 2 will NEVER have, and is the only reason video games are still relevant today. We blur that line any further and there is only gonna be 1 super console to monopolize the market n start jackin up prices, watering down games (which is already happening) and the worst news is, if that were to actually happen, only Microsoft has the money to control the market that way. Nintendo is the only thing keeping that from happening.

    Nintendo is the anti-microsoft. Microsoft only came in to divide n conquer (obviously) as they brought next to zero to the gaming community.

    • That’s not entirely accurate, both Sony and Microsoft are coming out with more and more exclusives to further separate themselves from their competition, and in the case of Nintendo letting other devs. make their exclusive games such as Zelda, Metroid etc, it would be no different than when Metal Gear (a loooong time Sony exclusive) finally came to the XBOX , or even Mass Effect, Splinter Cell finally came to Playstation etc. Nintendo wouldn’t release their entire catalog I’m sure, but a few staple games being made on other platforms would not hurt the entire gaming community as you suggested. But no, I don’t believe Nintendo should stop.making consoles, just alllow.some of their games to grow up.

    • Lol says the guy who is being close minded. As much as I love Nintendo they are sucking royally on the console race because the console doesn’t have enough content. I pick up a Wii U just to play Smash and new Zelda and that’s it, I play them beat it in a few days and I’m done and I have a brick on my desk because there are no appealing games to me, I’m older now and as much as I like Mario I would like a Mario game to throw something new like actually stories instead of the same old hey princess is captured again now go collect fucking stars…..

  12. Nintendo focuses on a different market than PlayStation and Xbox. And the fact the we still buy their machines, regardless of love or hate for them, shows they’re still doing it right. Suck it up.

    • Man STFU and stop trolling, how old are you? I got the Nintendo when it 1st came out when you were just a sperm in your daddy’s nuts. Your first Nintendo was probably the GameCube so stop acting like you are getting paid by them and you really know about Nintendo like that….cuz u don’t

    • I bet you wish I was in the cube yrs sorry women I was in the Nintendo yrs pussy willow, your thinking is ways retarded anyways go slap yourself with ur moms t it for posting sum bull like I said IT WONT HAPPEN NUMB NUTS

  13. Just saying this now. The controllers for the other platforms don’t handle the way they should for a nintendo game. I know it sounds weird but for instance. Playing smash bros on an Xbox controller Vs a nintendo controller would feel 100X less responsive.

  14. While I don’t agree that Nintendo should stop making consoles, I do however agree that Nintendo should release the rights of some of their games (Zelda preferably ) to 3rd party devs. for other platforms. I mean why not? A mature Zelda game with next gen tech would be a dream come true (at least for me) .

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