How MyChelle Clear Skin Serum Worked for My Daughter and I

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I started using Clear Skin Serum about a year ago when I turned 45 and, well, was approaching menopause. Apart from the mood swings, caused by the ‘normal’ hormonal imbalance, my complexion became drier and drier. I’ve always had dry skin to begin with, however, it seemed to have worsened with age. I asked both my esthetician and pharmacist what they would recommend, as I was not planning to look like a granny just yet. They recommended I used retinoids and creams with a formula rich in B vitamins. So I did in the beginning. After a tantalizing year or so of using those products neither I nor my esthy noticed any significant improvement till one evening, googling all sorts of natural remedies for skin repair I came across MyChelle Dermaceuticals and this heavenly serum. I ordered it online immediately and started using it as soon as I received the parcel and would not change it with another product, not even for a short trial.

What I find absolutely marvelous with the Fruit Enzyme Cleanser is that it contains 100% natural products. Above all, the yogurt, tea tree, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, vitamin C, and cranberry extracts smoothly care for your skin hydrating and tonifying it at the same time, giving your complexion a fresh appearance.
Due to its unique formula, Clear Skin Serum works just as well against oily skin and acne. My 16-year-old daughter has also tried it and indeed it worked miracles on her acne, smoothly clearing her clogged pores. So, basically this serum gives you 2 products in 1. No more pimples, no more dry skin! What more could a woman want?

I really recommend it for oily skin and acne.

I can tell you for sure this serum works, both my teenage daughter and I use it regularly and have been very happy with it. I am pleased to seize this opportunity and share my experience with you.

What are the key ingredients of Clear Skin Serum?
Unlike a simple beauty product, Clear Skin Serum treats your skin, correcting any blemishes and reducing its ‘oily’ shine.

Uniquely combining natural herbal extracts with vitamins and minerals, Clear Skin Serum contains the following key active ingredients:

  • Retinol (vitamin A);
  • Montmorillonite clay (mineral);
  • Totarol™;
  • B vitamins (e.g.: Panthenol (D) (vitamin B5), Niacinamide (vitamin B3), Pyridoxine HCI (vitamin B6), and Biotin (D) (vitamin B7)).

Moving on, nothing works miracles in a snap, right? If you wish to use this serum for ‘maintenance’ only, two pumps post cleansing will do, but if you have a dry complexion like me or acne like my daughter, I would recommend you use it twice daily depending on how dry your complexion or how strong the acne outbreak is with you. For optimal results, use a cleanser first before applying the serum.

How do these ingredients benefit the skin?

Each of the ingredients above-mentioned boost the brightness of your complexion while cleansing it. Let us see how they work.Retinol (vitamin A) has an anti-aging effect fighting wrinkles, reducing spots and roughness by nourishing and moisturizing your complexion. Vitamin A also acts as a true residue vacuum, smoothly clearing your pores.
Another phenomenal ingredient in this serum is Montmorillonite clay. First discovered in 1847 in the city of Montmorillon, France, Montmorillonite clay or

Bentonite can vary in color from white or pale pink hues to blue, red, green or in-between nuances, mineral composition, pH and ionic charge. Regardless, this ingredient acts as a potent detoxifying agent. Its content high in minerals, especially calcium accounts for its remarkable capacity to absorb toxins and any sebum in excess. Furthermore, due to its absorbing capacity, this clay was used in the 19th century as a remedy for dysentery and injuries. It has a reparative effect on the tissue helping it heal.

Totarol™ is a botanical extract known for its antibacterial capacities. Extracted from totara tree dead wood (Podocarpus totara) naturally growing in New Zealand. It is a 100% organic raw material with demonstrated qualities in skin and oral care. Rich in bioactive elements, Totarol proved efficient against acne and tooth decay. Researchers also suggest that this ingredient belongs to the class of phytochemicals able to curb the overgrowth of certain Staphylococcus aureus strains resistant to penicillin and methicilin. Applied topically to the skin it has a cleansing effect helping the tissue purge of all gram negative and gram positive bacteria. It acts as an anti-viral and antioxidant helping clear acne.

Niacimide (vitamin B3) is another amazing ingredient of this serum that works splendidly against acne and reduces redness (rosacea) by boosting the production of ceramides (waxy lipid molecules) and fatty acids, which play a crucial role in protecting the skin against moisture and irritants. That is why B3 is particularly efficacious if you have a dry complexion like mine. Another benefit of B3 is that it fades down spots blocking the transfer of pigment to the epidermis.

Panthenol (vitamin B5) in combination with the other B vitamins in Clear Skin Serum has a moisturizing, nourishing effect on dry complexion. Due to its molecular structure, Panthenol helps the skin retain and absorb moisture from the atmosphere. The effect? It prevents dehydration.

The other two Bs of the B vitamin complex, Pyridoxine HCI (vitamin B6), and Biotin (vitamin B7) boost fat and protein metabolism while supporting skin development. Biotin or vitamin B7 is specifically responsible for maintaining a healthy, fresh aspect of the dermis.

All these in combination with the Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Salix Alba, Tea Tree and yogurt extracts and many more unique and above all, NATURAL ingredients in Clear Skin Serum truly have a missile effect on acne and dry skin. It worked amazingly well both for me and my teenage daughter who used it to help her acne.

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