Lady Gaga SuperBowl: Making America Fat Again

Lady Gaga Making America Fat Again

I think if you are going to play the SuperBowl, you should make sure your body is tight. The Superbowl represents being in your best physical appearance. It was obvious tonight at the Superbowl that Lady Gaga was not in her best physical form. While I thought Lady Gaga gave a great half time show, it was distracting to see that her belly was hanging over her bottoms. It was slightly distracting.

While I appreciate the fact that a female can be on television and show a little fat, it was definitely slightly distracting – especially after seeing her in the Tiffany commercial where she looked nearly perfect. She sings exceptionally well – but why show your midriff if it is not in good shape. Especially for the SuperBowl.

Lady Gaga Belly on SuperBowl

Her performance was great – but we know that Lady Gaga has had weight issues in the past. During her Born This Way tour, there were multiple reports of her drinking and gaining weight during the tour; this is the same tour that she cancelled due to a “leg injury”, but all the fans know it was that she was addicted to pain medicine and drinking alcohol. Dont hate me Little Monsters. I loved her half time show. But her belly fat was a sign of someone who likes to abuse alcohol and prescription pills and does not take care of her body.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga gained alot of weight during their Born this Way Tour because she was drinking and taking pills.
Lady Gaga was Fat at the Superbowl
Lady Gaga at the Superbowl


  1. That’s funny–everyone with whom I was watching the Super Bowl agreed she looked great. And none of us are Lady Gaga fans by any stretch of the imagination. “Michelle Beauty Clinic” doesn’t seem to have any experience viewing human bodies.

  2. The thing about jokes and satire is that they are supposed to be funny. This? Was not funny at all. I have a healthy sense of humor and this is not amusing, it’s body shaming. If you need to add a post script that this was meant to be a joke, you’ve obviously missed your mark. I’m trying my damnedest to GET as “flabby” as Lady Gaga.

  3. It doesn’t matter what was said after the fact. She posted the damage first which in any story the lead-in is where the reader is guided. So, trying to say at the end haha, didn’t mean it….No. Michelle, a joke has a purpose of making people laugh and I don’t believe I saw any replies close to laughter of any sort. So, please if you are going to joke at least read The Dummies Guide To Telling A Joke.

  4. Disgusted that people in this world think that this is “fat”. No wonder why people have such body image issues. It’s because of people like you. Shame on you.

  5. You are an idiot. How dare you mock someone who does what she does despite people like you. I’m sure when she got up on stage all she could think of was Judgemental Michelle and what you thought of her. Fuck off shitstain.

  6. I just love “here fat rolls” are you kidding me lady Gaga is sexy and all that. To the ass clown that wrote the article pound sand your clueless and a wanna be!!!!!!

  7. From a Male perspective:
    If your intention was to draw attention to the body shaming issue, as you say in your edit, you went about it the completely wrong way. Literally nobody was talking about her being fat or overweight until you wrote this. You say you’re trying to imitate a hate piece and that this is a character voice. What a load of shit. No “character” on any platform wrote about anything this hateful, until you whipped up this garbage. If you want to bring attention to body shaming, write an inspiring piece, not this bullshit. This would be like writing a completely racist piece, calling people all sort of discriminating names and then 2 days later saying “haha jk could you believe some people are like this?”
    A travesty piece like this should really end your career, you are a shameful human being.

  8. LOL look at the author (& I use that term loosely) of this article trying to save herself and do damage control. If her original intention was for this to be satire, it would have appeared on theonion or she would have had the disclaimer from the get-go. Not as an add-on after the Internet showed her how shallow and judgmental she was. Lady Gaga’s performance was great and her totally normal, healthy-appearing body looked great. The author of this article also speaks about those with addiction issues in a disgusting manner. I find it hard to believe that she doesn’t actually feel the way the original article portrays. No one would post that in jest and post it online to be “published” on a website without a disclaimer. Even while the onion posts a disclaimer on every article, people still take it seriously. She couldn’t possibly have thought this would have a good outcome for her. She seems like a terrible influence. Glad she’s not around to make me feel bad about my tummy.

  9. You do realize women have ORGANS for LIVING that usually push out on the tummy. There’s no helping that. And if you’re criticizing a woman who makes a living on shitting on the patriarchy then you’re just adding fuel to her fire, my gal.

  10. I agree with Brooke (And most of everyone here for that matter).

    By the way, Michelle, women weren’t the only people repulsed by your hateful, grade-school jealousy-fueled article. There are tons of men out there who are just as disgusted by your words as us women. Instead of driving your attention towards other people’s appearances, focus on your character. It’s sickingly flawed.

    I’m not a huge fan of Lady Gaga’s music, but I have nothing but respect and admiration for her, and all the good deeds she has done recently. Her Superbowl performance was absolutely sublime, and her body is perfect, just as every woman should see their own.

    Shame on you, Michelle.

  11. GO FUCK YOURSELF, lol look at how she tried to cover her ass after this got attention. What a horrible person, honestly. It’s so easy for her to criticize from behind a keyboard as she will NEVER do anything in her life to compare for this, lol, and I was one of the ones complaining that we had Lady Gaga for the super bowl… I wanted Migos..

  12. F.A.I.L. at humor Michelle. It’s not funny at all. Sorry. You probably think…oh wait, I get it. NO, YOU DON’T THINK AT ALL.

  13. hahahahaha i’m sorry is your body any better? or are you just jealous bc she actually has a better body than you? half of women would NEVER dear to do this bc WE don’t have the confidence bc WE are shamed for our bodies no matter what.. personally i say she has a better body than me. it’s a shame .

  14. Hey Michelle… what would YOU look like in that outfit? Yeah… that’s what I thought. Congrats on being an adult woman who acts like a petty 15 year old. You’re disgusting.

  15. If you have to explain either a joke or satirical writing AFTER THE FACT, your writing and your jokes suck big time, that’s all. Smh

  16. wtf…i MEAN REALLY………….ARE YOU FOR REAL???? This is pathetic..your freaking article represents nothing more that jealousy…are you a fat ass or what ???????? and I mean no disrespect..I am sure you feel like you look amazing..and Oh yea I am sure you did not expect others to react this way ..but UMMMMMMMMMMMM i am done with your article what a bitch you are

  17. What the hell is wrong with you?? I have been watching tv and reading the paper and NOT ONCE HAVE I READ OR HEARD ANYTHING ABOUT GAGA´s weight!!! She looked amazing and I love the fact she looks so healthy. Who are you to judge? I would like to see you..MICHELLE do everything Lady Gaga did in the half time show!!! Obviously, you need to disrespect someones talent because you don’t have your own. Jealous much? Remember, Lady Gaga´s name is and will be always in lights and headline. Unless, like urs will ever be. You are the definition of BULLY!!!

  18. Well IF it was a joke (and I’m not totally buying that, I think you are trying to cover your a$$ now) but if it was, I guess the lesson for you is that jokes aren’t funny if no one’s laughing. Like a bully who makes fun of someone and then excuses it by saying they were just joking.

  19. You can not posdiblg be serious with that thinly veiled back pedaling attempt. You are disgusting for writing it and you know it. Everyone knows it.

  20. Be careful, sarcasm doesn’t always translate via written word, and although you feel that what you wrote is over the top, there are many many douchy ppl out there who actually do believe it.

  21. Sorry, the “hey it’s a joke” is BS. If your goal is to be a writer, which I assume it is, then one of the most basic things you need to understand is that your words matter and they have power. You should choose them wisely. Shame on you for choosing to write this at a time when women are constantly under scrutiny and bullying is an ever-present issue.

  22. My daughter has struggled with eating disorders for 4 years. This post is sad. A body does not have to be your idea of perfect to be amazing. This is shameful.

    • I started to add my reply hours ago but could not finish. I just finally replied and see that there was a note added stating that the article was a joke. I’m glad the note was added, but I fail to see the humor. Maybe this issue is too personal for me to think it is funny.

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