Lady Gaga SuperBowl: Making America Fat Again

Lady Gaga Making America Fat Again

I think if you are going to play the SuperBowl, you should make sure your body is tight. The Superbowl represents being in your best physical appearance. It was obvious tonight at the Superbowl that Lady Gaga was not in her best physical form. While I thought Lady Gaga gave a great half time show, it was distracting to see that her belly was hanging over her bottoms. It was slightly distracting.

While I appreciate the fact that a female can be on television and show a little fat, it was definitely slightly distracting – especially after seeing her in the Tiffany commercial where she looked nearly perfect. She sings exceptionally well – but why show your midriff if it is not in good shape. Especially for the SuperBowl.

Lady Gaga Belly on SuperBowl

Her performance was great – but we know that Lady Gaga has had weight issues in the past. During her Born This Way tour, there were multiple reports of her drinking and gaining weight during the tour; this is the same tour that she cancelled due to a “leg injury”, but all the fans know it was that she was addicted to pain medicine and drinking alcohol. Dont hate me Little Monsters. I loved her half time show. But her belly fat was a sign of someone who likes to abuse alcohol and prescription pills and does not take care of her body.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga gained alot of weight during their Born this Way Tour because she was drinking and taking pills.
Lady Gaga was Fat at the Superbowl
Lady Gaga at the Superbowl


  1. Bullshit, you can’t dig yourself out of this hole. Also, it appears that you don’t know the meaning of facetious. There is no humour in this article, appropriate or otherwise. Your character voice I’ll wager, isn’t too far from your own. You got busted, own it.

  2. You have to be kidding right. She’s beautiful. And you’re little attempt at trying to cover your ass by saying this was satire is a load of crap. I hope to God your grandchildren dont have you in their lives if this is the mentality you have.

  3. I don’t care if you did write it facetiously. You shouldn’t have written it period. You chose to go down that body image path that women have tried to break free from for years. Shame on you. Instead of being negative why not talk about her talent from the start and showcase that with hard work you can achieve your dream? Which one of us can honestly say that when they BEND OVER they don’t have a tummy bunch? Women shouldn’t be body shaming other women in fun or in reality. Real classy there Michelle.

  4. You do realize that in order for something to be “in character” or “facetious” i.e. satirical or tongue in cheek, it actually has to be funny. You aren’t funny, you can’t take it back. Own up to your mistake honey, you can’t backpedal this one.

  5. no where does this article appear to be a satire as you are now saying. Satire always gives a clue that it is not to be taken seriously. This article just makes me sad and sick to my stomach. Shame on you.

  6. You wrote this facetiously? Good job trying to recover from the backlash. Perhaps you should have thrown in some LOLs or JKs. Pretty sure most people call your attempt at recovery Bullshit.

  7. Wow, fat rolls. I can’t believe that you would approve a story like this. First of all, Lady Gaga was in great physical shape…ran around a stage, IN HEELS, singing and dancing. It was an awesome show and THAT is what should matter. And secondly, even if she WAS, in your words, “fat” that shouldn’t have anything to do with her worth or how good she was. Just completely shocked that a website would publish anything like this in this day and age. Are we never going to get past body shaming people?

    • I was just actually informed that the disclaimer was not present at the time of the original post. It’s too late Michelle, you can’t take that back.

    • Shaylene, I read the entire post and found it to be offensive. She is only trying to dig herself out of a hole that she now finds herself. You have to take responsibility and be accountable for the words that you post. She just got called on the carpet about her words.

  8. Michelle as a woman you should be ashamed of yourself for writing such an article. I hope you don’t have any children because your daughters will never be good enough in your eyes and your sons will have an unrealistic vision of what a women’s body should look like. Get neutered!!

  9. Michelle, what are you, in kindergarten? Calling people Little Monsters because you knew the negativity and hatred you were spewing would piss a lot of people off. Obviously you have major issues if Lady Gag’s belly fat was distracting you. She looked fabulous and normal and natural. You may want to invest in a good psychiatrist. You are crazy!

  10. There are so many typos in this article. I think that if you are going to become a writer, you should learn how to use proper grammar and proofread your articles. Lady Gaga was paid to perform at the Superbowl and she did her job exceptionally well – I cannot say the same for you.

  11. I’m not even a GaGa fan, and i find this insulting. Wow, what a complete body shaming asshole you are. Does that make you feel better about yourself? Hateful bitch.

  12. Can you post a pic of you in same position without using any photoshop/ filter? ? To show us your weight if you want to shame someone’s body weight!!! You are one of the reasons by writing this BS that teens and early 20s have eating disorders! ! Wake up idiot you want to body shame someone? B!tch please lets see your pic! ‘sigh’ waiting!!

  13. My god what a stupid ignorant judgemental post!
    What woman wants to look like barbie?!! I surely don’t. And i much prefer people with imperfections then fake perfections. She looked so good.
    Strong, classy, talent, confident, heart of kindness, non perfect… Thats a fucking sexy woman.

  14. How dare you write an article like this. That woman busted her ass to put on a killer performance for her country and fans and works her ass off. She is incredibly in shape…could you sing back to back songs without stopping to take a breathe ? Sick of ppl like you bashing others who are incredible artists and are genuinely good ppl. Shane on you!

  15. Your article and opinion are just plain rude. Lady Gaga looked amazing and gave a great performance. It is wonderful to see a female performer look natural and not unhealthy, skinny, and sick looking. One last thing, it’s such a shame that females still criticize each other. Bullying is not cool!

  16. Who’s the twat that wrote this?
    Making America fat again? She looks like a normal healthy woman to me.
    You’re a twat-sicle that needs to give up on his career because you’re making news article suck again.

  17. So, where’s the photo of you with your perfectly chiseled abs rocking out in front of millions of people and inspiring them to be themselves and embrace diversity? Oh wait…there isn’t one. Right.

  18. She looked awesome. I never even noticed her belly. This isn’t journalism. This is an insecure woman trying to make herself feel better, and to include an alleged alcohol/drug problem is the gross part. I feel sorry for the woman who wrote this article. It reflects more of the journalist’s personal issues than it does Lady Gaga’s. I hope this writer gets the help that she clearly needs.

  19. LThis is terrible! How many of those criticizing do NOT have a fat roll! Grow up people! This is why so many of our kids are starving themselves! Society makes even the girl that weighs 90 pounds think she’s fat so she continues to starve herself until she is nothing but bone and too far gone for help. She is waiting for death because too many people and that too many people can be just 1, have made her feel ashamed of herself! Get over your snobby selves!

  20. Yet another idiot who isn’t aware that women’s abdomens hold ORGANS IN THEM AND THAT’S WHY THEY HANG OUT JUST A BIT NO MATTER HOW TONED YOU ARE! For the love of Christ, skin is elastic and is designed to conform to the muscles and fat under it, which in turn, protects our internal squishy parts. If humans didn’t have “fat rolls” when they bend…they’re either animated or not human. Hate to break it to you, but Lady Gaga is neither an animated person or something other than human. She looks like a perfectly normal human being body-wise and hell knows she’s in better shape than I am.

  21. I am a independent and voted for Trump!!! I was worried that she would bash him! She stayed professional and looked amazing!!!!! I hope she sees these Libtards for who and what they are!!!! When people watch the game and want to get away from politics this is what true football fans expect!! Love her so much now!!!! She was a sweetheart! I bet she has waaay more fans now then what she did!!! She was a lot of fun and best half time show ever!!!!!!!

    • “Libtards.” Implication: Liberal+Retarded=Libtard. Using the word retarded for anyone is shameful. Mocking people with disabilities is shameful. Adding liberal in front of the word retarded doesn’t make it okay.

      Also, “Born This Way” is a gay anthem. Choosing it for a halftime show makes it political because of the threats of the current administration to gay rights. Need proof? Head to any pride parade. Will you? Nope. Why? Bigotry and fear of people who love without boundaries.

      PS Lady Gaga is bisexual.

    • I can’t agree more. I’m absolutely IMPRESSED how she handled herself during the halftime show. She has created another fan by her professional maturity to her art! Loved it! And I have to ad, I’m GLAD she has a belly! She looks like a NORMAL woman!

  22. You disgust me, Michelle and so does this article! I dare you to post a picture of what you look like for the world to see! You call yourself a “writer”? Clearly from reading this article I learned that you are nothing but a hypocritical piece of dirt! I may work for a health and wellness company and sell weight-loss products, but I don’t go around fat-shaming or body-shaming people! Lady GaGa looked absolutely AMAZING During her performances and Just because she isn’t skin and bones, like you are clearly implying she should be in this article, doesn’t mean she isn’t healthy! It is people like you that cause the young girls or women who read these articles to become self- conscious of what they look like!
    I could go on and on and on about how many reasons that this article is just plain wrong, but there probably wouldn’t be enough room to type it all!
    Once again, you seriously disgust me!! SMFH!

  23. Just plain ignorant… i mean your entitled to an opinion, but to create an article and bash someone about addiction struggles and come to the conclusions you did based on your google image search! Lol pathetic. You were “distracted” by her “fat rolls” Im distracted by you lack of respect and blatant stupidity. Your a joke.

  24. Shitty page, fuck you and whoever wrote this article. Maybe why you have less than 300 subscribers. To end it nicely….FUCK YOU! Girls commit suicide and get bullied over this shit, shame on you!!

  25. What a piece of shit man. Even the SKINNIEST of people will have ‘rolls’ when they bend over/sit down!! It’s HEALTHY and NORMAL !! This article is why girls have self esteem issues,body image issues,& health issues. Way to add into that crisis,must’ve really taken a lot. This article is trash.

  26. Are you F$%@ing kidding me? Never even noticed while I enjoyed her performance.
    Stop judging and get a life … How about a picture of you so we all can rip you apart?

  27. You. Are. Disgusting.
    You should be ashamed of yourself.
    Words to live by: If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.

  28. You call yourself a writer? How about you post a picture of your stomache before you degrade someone who does nothing else but promote equality and postive body image. You should be embarrassed. I’m disgusted for you.

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