Lady Gaga SuperBowl: Making America Fat Again

Lady Gaga Making America Fat Again

I think if you are going to play the SuperBowl, you should make sure your body is tight. The Superbowl represents being in your best physical appearance. It was obvious tonight at the Superbowl that Lady Gaga was not in her best physical form. While I thought Lady Gaga gave a great half time show, it was distracting to see that her belly was hanging over her bottoms. It was slightly distracting.

While I appreciate the fact that a female can be on television and show a little fat, it was definitely slightly distracting – especially after seeing her in the Tiffany commercial where she looked nearly perfect. She sings exceptionally well – but why show your midriff if it is not in good shape. Especially for the SuperBowl.

Lady Gaga Belly on SuperBowl

Her performance was great – but we know that Lady Gaga has had weight issues in the past. During her Born This Way tour, there were multiple reports of her drinking and gaining weight during the tour; this is the same tour that she cancelled due to a “leg injury”, but all the fans know it was that she was addicted to pain medicine and drinking alcohol. Dont hate me Little Monsters. I loved her half time show. But her belly fat was a sign of someone who likes to abuse alcohol and prescription pills and does not take care of her body.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga gained alot of weight during their Born this Way Tour because she was drinking and taking pills.
Lady Gaga was Fat at the Superbowl
Lady Gaga at the Superbowl


  1. You are awful and should be ashamed of yourself. You mention she had drug and alcohol problems and weight difficulties…. and even though she has taken steps to heal and better herself you still feel the need to tear her down. Be ashamed of yourself and learn to build people up especially with such superficial things as body shape.

  2. Are you for real? that she been criticizing of the persons body in the same sentence as don’t hate me. You are not concerning for her Heath what so ever or you wouldn’t have made such a statement. She looks very healthy and beautiful. Are you to say that her fat rolls “destructing” is why women in this country torture themselves with unnecessary body standards. I can’t even believe you consciously composed such an awful judgemental article. Especially after what she did on that stage for you. You shallow piece of shit you missed the whole message.

  3. Are you kidding me??? Now normally I’m up laughing about a bunch of the political stuff I post. But this shit is too much. The confidence so many girls got from seeing that small amount NATURAL, ORGAN PROTECTING FAT and you have the audacity to throw it in their faces. I hope YOU starve yourself the way lots of girls do because of people like you in this world

  4. What kind of shape are you in Michelle? Are you a chiseled specimen? Are you talented in anything? Writing about your opnion does not take talent so we know the answer to that. As for Gaga….im sure she and her rolls are enjoying that Super Bowl check…..what did this poor article fetch you? Intern right?

  5. Here’s a picture of Eli Manning from an NFL blog website. Notice his abs that absolutely no one ever points out. I have no problem with his body image and it seems like he doesn’t either. Why does the objectification of women happen? Because of idiots like the people that run this page. Well, I plan to block you from my feed because you are apparently very biased.

  6. Why is this infantile douchebag fuckery on my feed? No one cares what you daily average of >3 views a day bullshit blog thinks. And “perfect”? No one is perfect. Besides, what do YOU look like?

  7. Who that Fuck told you that the SUPERBOWL is about the way you look, you must be retarded, if you got distracted by her belly you have serious issues in your life because she was AMAZING!!!

  8. This is utterly ridiculous. I hope the person who wrote this article reads my comment. 1.) You’re probably insecure about yourself, so you want to put down an artist who could not care two shits about you. 2.) You have low self-esteem. This was a great opportunity for you to show how rude and disrespectful you can be to women and body image. 3.) Grow the fuck up. People are not here for this type of put down. I feel sorry for you and wish that you can get to a better state of mind about life and body image. #nobodyshaming #gagaisbeautiful #insideandoutside

    • couldn’t have said it better myself ! people are so ugly
      these days and by ugly I mean personality wise since this coward hides behind a computer ! would love to know what she or he looks like 😡

  9. Michelle – yes, you – the author of this article…you are an asshole for writing this article. You are a complete douche-bag. You should be ashamed of yourself for body shaming. Instead of tearing other women down, why don’t you try lifting them up instead you piece of shit.

  10. I’d like to see even the fittest woman bend at that angle and not have some sort of “fat roll”. She looked amazing. And this author’s passive aggressive “I loved her show, but…”, I would love to see a picture of this keyboard warrior. Or I suppose it’s alright to look any way when you aren’t up on a stage singing your heart out, living your passion. To the author…bullying isn’t attractive in any form.

  11. Ok since you feel the need to post about someone that is obviously doing more with their life than you. Also since you are so perfect and you can pass judgement on someone else then let’s see a pic of you six pack with no roll when you bend forward… Smh you are so ungodly and judgemental that you would waste time in your life to write an article bashing another human being. On that note I’m not going to waste another minute I will not get back on such a narcissistic person…

  12. This article is disgusting. Who are to sit in judgment of someone? Everyone has rolls when they bend over!! But she did 13 minutes of straight up cardio WHILE singing. This is not how women behave to other women. Grow up.

  13. I’m 105 and i stand 5’0ft tall. I’m actually over weight for my height, that’s what I have been told anyhow. 105lbs and i am over weight. I wear a size 1. When I sit down or bend over I have SKIN rolls. Let me repeat myself, SKIN ROLLS. There are no fat packs. When i walk my tummy has a little shake unless I tighten up. My boyfriend who has a 6 pack, guess what? He has rolls when he sits down and bends over. his tummy shakes when he doesn’t tighten up. Oh here is another fact, the pudge you see Gaga have is nearly impossible for women to get rid of because it’s our ovaries pushing against our tums. If Lady Gaga is fat I would like actual proof and not this propaganda. Even then I would still love the living fuck out of her.

  14. Aren’t women supposed to be soft and supple? Also, we do have an abdomen laden with intestine just begging to be let out, remaining soft and supple, I agree, this is degrading to all women.

  15. You dear author can go FUCK YOURSELF……. Please please please, post a pic of yourself so that we can all body shame you. If you did have the amount of research you CLAIM to do, you would know that Lady Gaga has Lupus, in which she has to take steroids for. The slight water gain in her SIZE FUCKING 2 body comes from that. But please continue on telling us how you think her tiny roll was distracting to you.

  16. You’re actually the worst. I hope that the second that you gain an extra ounce of fat, someone rips off your shirt and accuses you of abusing alcohol. And when you try to defend yourself that nobody is perfect, I’ll show you this article and insist that your extra fat is distracting.

  17. You shouldn’t have a venue for an article like this. This is a truly disgusting article and you should be ashamed of yourself for writing it.

  18. Disgusting article. I was watching her and even thought to myself “She is such a natural woman. Yes, she has some rolls, but she looks amazing and I’m so happy to see her doing this right now.” The idea that to perform in the half-time show she needed to make sure she had zero body fat is awful. Shame on you. I hope you get fired for this article.

  19. It’s people like YOU that are what’s wrong with this world! It’s people like YOU that have caused so many women to have eating disorders and emotional breakdowns. SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  20. To the writer of this article about Lady Gaga I am 5’8 and 115lb and sometimes there are days where my belly isn’t flat.. you are a horrible person to make women think that they can’t have flaws.. you are an ugly person on the inside and to me you can’t fix that.. I think she did the best half time show that has ever been performed In a very long
    Time. she looked amazing.. I mean seriously how can you write such trash.. You are a bully! And It’s sad that as adults and no matter how much money we still have to deal with bullies like you.

  21. What an awful person you are! I am not a Gaga fan but thought her performance at Super Bowl was great. Because I am not a judgemental bitch and because my only talent was playing Viola and flute and twirling a baton when I was in school, it never occurred to me to comment on a few extra pounds. You are one of the things wrong with our society. Christians don’t think others are Christian enough, athletes don’t think others participate enough, and people who probably haven’t had a date in 2 years, tear others down. Oh, guess I’m being judgemental, sorry.

  22. Wow, you’re an actual asshole. And for the love of God, please ask someone to proofread your work! You’re writing style is less to be desired. Personally, it reminded me of a post from a late middle school-early high school individual made on Xanga. Don’t have the same fate, you have a power to change the way people think and view the world. Don’t write garbage, you know you are better than that. Let’s hope.

  23. This is horrible I actually pointed out how amazing she looked. Give me a break man she’s allowed to have skin. She’s the best female singer to pick up a mic in my opinion

  24. I work with adolescents and adults with eating disorders and articles like this are what keeps them sick. Gaga isn’t significantly overweight or overweighr at all. Like most people when she wears stiff tight pants and bends over, her belly folds and has a few rolls. To be able to run around that stage while singing she has to be in great shape which is more important. If she were wearing too tight clothes that looked ridiculous on her figure that’s one thing, but she isn’t even overweight at all. This isn’t a sign she’s drinking and doing drugs, it’s a sign that she is a human woman.

  25. I wish women all over the world would post a belly pic to show what most women’s midriff looks like. Totally disgusted by this article.

  26. If you want to see a picture of Michelle, click on her name and go to her previous articles, open the Lady Soma review, there is a before and after, I could say plenty about her appearance but I wont

  27. Jealous much? Lady Gaga has more talent in her little finger than this jealous “writer” has in their entire body. Let’s body shame someone with 5% body fat because she is human like every other one of us and likes to eat, drink, have a life. Just like another post. I’d love to see the “writer” and how perfect their body MUST be.
    Get over yourself.

  28. To whom ever wrote this article— YOU are the disgusting one. How dare you write an article on a women’s weight. What gives you the right? she is THIN and looked amazing.

  29. Wow. That’s really all I can seem to say about you body shaming someone who isn’t even fat. Guess what?! Everyone has rolls in some shape or form depending on how your body is positioned. I’d LOVE to see you get on the stage and do what Gaga did. Take a seat.

  30. Who ever wrote this is the biggest douche bag ever! She is beautiful inside and out. As for that tiny roll you see when she BENDS over its natural for skinny people. You only wrote this to get a raise in people and you have achieved that and achieved being a loser.

  31. Whoever wrote this article… Shame on you …. If that was distracting to you …then you have some serious issues….what a moronic article…shame on you….

  32. No one is perfect and the writer of this article is one of the problems in the world today. Who vares if she has a few rolls? She is a great singer and entertainer. She is a role model for youg girls today! You should be ashamed for being so ugly

  33. You need a lesson on what a bully is. That is the definition of you. You are the reason girls have eating disorders and self image problems. Lady Gaga suffered from anorexia and she is finally healthy. Then here you are telling her how fat she is. I would kill to have my body like hers. Grow up and write a positive article and take this bullying one down.

  34. She will never be as ugly as your writing. If you want to write like an uneducated high schooler with closed minded opinions please leave it on your facebook page.

  35. I am so pissed by this article!! Of course you would be shallow enough to only focus on what she looks like rather than her talent. She was amazing. She ran across a stage in hills dancing and singing live! But then, I’m sure you are so much better, right?? I would bet not! She is no where near fat and just because she has stomach roles means it has to be from alcohol and pills? So every woman that leans over and has stomach roles (probably 99%) must use alcohol and pills. Why don’t you write articles on something you actually know about!

  36. The only thing making me feel better about this disgusting wretched article are the comments. I am so relieved we can all get behind how deranged this woman is.

  37. My favorite part of any comments regarding this is the fat, slovenly, lazy pieces of crap that are trolling her about this. I mean, I am sure that every one of these people is so damn gorgeous and fit. Truth is: she gave 190% of herself out on that field in her performance while the people that are bitching about her were sitting in their living rooms, eating wings and chips and fried everything. I bet they are so proud of themselves to rip her apart and felt so witty. So sad that we have to break someone else down to make ourselves feel better.

  38. You are contributing to the stigma in young society that says they need to be a size 2. You are absolutely disgusting and pathetic for 1) publicly judging someone you will never be as successful as, 2) telling your readers their American icon is fat and maybe the reader is more heavy set! And 3) BEING A COMPLETE IMMORAL JACKASS. You made yourself look like a complete moron and asshole. I hope you can’t sleep over your destruction to your self worth.

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