Lady Gaga SuperBowl: Making America Fat Again

Lady Gaga Making America Fat Again

I think if you are going to play the SuperBowl, you should make sure your body is tight. The Superbowl represents being in your best physical appearance. It was obvious tonight at the Superbowl that Lady Gaga was not in her best physical form. While I thought Lady Gaga gave a great half time show, it was distracting to see that her belly was hanging over her bottoms. It was slightly distracting.

While I appreciate the fact that a female can be on television and show a little fat, it was definitely slightly distracting – especially after seeing her in the Tiffany commercial where she looked nearly perfect. She sings exceptionally well – but why show your midriff if it is not in good shape. Especially for the SuperBowl.

Lady Gaga Belly on SuperBowl

Her performance was great – but we know that Lady Gaga has had weight issues in the past. During her Born This Way tour, there were multiple reports of her drinking and gaining weight during the tour; this is the same tour that she cancelled due to a “leg injury”, but all the fans know it was that she was addicted to pain medicine and drinking alcohol. Dont hate me Little Monsters. I loved her half time show. But her belly fat was a sign of someone who likes to abuse alcohol and prescription pills and does not take care of her body.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga gained alot of weight during their Born this Way Tour because she was drinking and taking pills.
Lady Gaga was Fat at the Superbowl
Lady Gaga at the Superbowl


  1. You HAVE to be careful when you write articles of this nature because unfortunately, some idiots will take it and agree with the character, and also some people actually have that nasty perspective already. Either way I’m just glad that it was satire/facetiously written lol

  2. All of you commenters didnt realize this was satyre? Maybe actually click and read rather than get emotionally involved over a headline. this is exactly whats wrong with the world. Not thinking about the context articles are written.

  3. Amanda Joellyn Brizzi Young people are starving themselves not based on stupid articles on the internet, but because they have stupid parents. Dont blame media for your inability to raise children.

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