iPhone vs. Droid

iphone vs droid side by side

Appearance – iPhone 6 vs. Droid

The design of the iPhone 6 is one of the best on the market. The design is slightly changed from previous versions, and instead of the machined edges, the iPhone 6 features soft curves that resemble devices running Android OS. The iPhone 6 has a premium look, which can’t be said for most of the other smartphones. The device looks like it has been constructed from a single piece of metal, giving it a powerful, sturdy look. The Droid Ultra has some special features similar to the iPhone 6. The Droid comes in some great color combinations (the red and black combination is extraordinarily beautiful), and the phone is made out of Kevlar, known for its toughness.

Phone Display

The display of the Droid Ultra is a 5” Super AMOLED with 720×1280 resolution (294 ppi). The colors are accurate and the display is clear and crisp. The iPhone 6 has a stunning 4.7” Retina display with 326 ppi, which is the same pixel density featured on every iPhone since the iPhone 4 has been released. Granted, the pixel density could have been higher, especially since the iPhone 6 Plus features 401 ppi pixel density, but the display looks great nevertheless. Viewing angles are superb, and there will be absolutely no problems when the display gets exposed to direct sunlight, as the brightness levels make it more than viewable.

Internal Phone Chips

The iPhone 6 is able to pack quite a punch with the A8 chipset, 64-bit dual-core processor that’s clocked at 1.4 GHz. It is only a slight upgrade from the A7 which was featured on the iPhone 5S, but it’s definitely more than enough, making the iPhone 6 a very powerful device. When the A8 featured on the iPhone 6 is compared to Droid Ultra’s Qualcomm Snapdragon S4Pro, dual-core Krait that is running at 1.7 GHz, one can’t help but feel bad for the Droid Ultra, as the iPhone 6’s 64-bit A8 wipes the floor with it. It is interesting that the amount of RAM is the only thing that is more impressive on the Droid Ultra since it is equipped with 2 GB of RAM, while the iPhone has only 1 GB of RAM available. The amount of internal storage on the iPhone 6 depends on which version you get (16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB versions are available), whereas the Droid Ultra only one (16 GB) version.

Droid Ultra is an alternative to the iPhone 6, and definitely not a competition. The difference in price might make some users lean towards the Droid Ultra as it is priced below $300 on websites like ebay, while the iPhone 6 is quite pricey (around $800-$900 on ebay). It all comes down to one’s preference and the budget, but remember, you get what you pay for.

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