Green Arrow is the worst DC TV Series

Arrow is by far the worst TV show in the DC and Marvel TV Universe, however, Season 4 of Green Arrow was somewhat redeeming for the series.

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Green Arrow is by far the worst TV show in the DC and Marvel TV Universe, however, Season 4 of Green Arrow was somewhat redeeming for the series. Nothing ever happened on the show previous to Season 4. If you never watched Green Arrow before, I would recommend you to start watching at Season 3, because season 1 and 2 were a complete waste of time. A season of Green Arrow sticks to the same predictable routine:

  1. Action in the first couple of episodes,
  2. Action around episode 10-12 to keep people interested, and then
  3. Finally some action in the last two episodes.

All the episodes in between are filled with mindless rambling from Felicity Stone, super annoying Thea and the other random nameless characters who I don’t care to know. All mindless chatter.

[Spoilers Ahead]

Overall – the show has a very gloomy tone – even more gloomy than Batman. Nothing fun ever happens and everyone is miserable. Season 1 of Green Arrow was totally unmemorable, I enjoyed Season 2 with Deadshot, and Suicide Squad in Season 3 was atrocious.

The only redeeming quality of Season 4 is the show is when:

  • they do crossovers with the Flash

  • the Black Canary dies

  • Oliver and Felicity break up (while Felicity is crippled).

Finally something happens! When Felicity did become handicapped, that was definitely a surprise. And it happened around episode 10, where they spend most of the time trying to keep viewers through the season. Of course, she did get use of her legs back soon enough, but that wheelchair threw me in a loop. The crossover episode in Season 4 with the Flash, that also included the DC Legends of Tomorrow is the best the Green Arrow show has ever done. They need to make the show more like that.

Thea is the worst character on the show. I’m not sure if it’s the character, or I totally hate the actress Joanna Chance Holland. I know she is young, but holy shit I hate her acting, I hate the way she plays the character, and I hate her overall look. This is a pretty model and they have her with this short hair in baggy clothes, and she just looks horrible. And she is constantly sullying the whole time. She is not fun. I do not want her on the show anymore, or I would like the actress to be replaced.

I do enjoy the Lazarus Pit. I know they got rid of it this season, but it was great to see Sarah resurrected as some sort of crazy canary type person. And I do like Sarah on the DC Legends of Tomorrow.

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  1. You just need to stick to playing video games!! There has to be more to a story than just action alone!!!! I skydive regularly, but have time for romance and everyday life

  2. Sorry styzzz. But I must say, based on the comments, that your opinion does not match up with the others. I don’t say you are wrong, because different people like different things. However, anyone I have ever talked to (me and several of my friends (Cameron Michael Beard) watch this show) says that season 4 ruined it for them and that season 1 was the best, season 5 is redeeming the show. What I believe more fans are interested in with this show is the action sequences and fighting choreography, and season 4 was nothing but bow twirling and Oliver, who has beaten Merlin, Slade Wilson, and Ra’s Al Ghul having a hard time taking on Anarchy? WTF is that? Season 5 has brought back aspects of fight and action sequencing from season 1 and, in my opinion, has even improved on them. I believe this is why it has been so popular so far among Arrow fans.

    This is my opinion anyway.

    • Yeah – I just have a slightly different opinion even though I agree with you on the above. I like to see character development tho. . .i love seeing changes in how characters are. . .and action of course

  3. Reasons this article is poor.
    1. Didn’t get Felicity’s last name correct
    2. Got Willa Holland’s (Thea’s actress) name wrong
    3. Weak points
    4. Claimed that you could start at S3 and be ok.
    5. Called S1 and S2 forgettable even though they were great.
    6. Said Flash cross over in S4 was one of the best parts of the show, even though it had nothing to do with the S4 Arrow or Flash story.
    7. Claiming S1 and S2 had little action even though S4 had the least amount of action so far. (S5 has the most per episode).
    8. Could have been written by anyone who looked on wiki for main plot points and didn’t watch most of the show.
    Bonus: Either didn’t watch the show or didn’t pay attention, because you wanted to hate the show.

    Conclusion: Article is poorly written and has horribly flawed logic.

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