GoPro Hero3 White Edition Review

It is a great device, with great capabilities, available at a very affordable price.

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In a heap of “go pro cameras”, the GoPro Hero3 is the top of the line. There are also Black and Silver versions available, and while they all carry the Hero3 name, there are significant differences between the three.

One of the major advantages with the GoPro HERO3: White Edition is its price. Available only for $199, it’s a very affordable camera that is able to deliver very sharp video. Should the consumer choose to purchase it, they can expect quite a few accessories included. A removable door converts the waterproof casing into the standard casing, which allows the user to record louder and clearer audio. A charging cable, buckles, mounts and pivot arms are included as well. The video quality of the White Edition is great. It can be said that the video is sharper and clearer than the one taken with the Silver Edition, even though the Silver Edition costs $100 more. The White Edition incorporates a 5 MP sensor, which has proven reliable on other GoPro models, so the consumers shouldn’t have to worry about it.

It is interesting that the device is 25 percent lighter than its predecessor (the Hero 2 camera), and it’s also 30 percent smaller. However, the size difference manifests itself only in thickness (only 20 mm), while the height and width remained unchanged, mainly in order to remain compatible with the line of BacPac modules and rear doors for the shell.

The f/2.8, six element aspherical lens offers greater image sharpness and is reducing the amount of distortion at its field of view. The screen on the camera is very easy to navigate, and the modes can be changed with ease, albeit there is a small learning curve. The display can be a bit hard to view under direct sunlight, but that’s just about it when it comes to the disadvantages. Camera’s battery is removable (1050 mAh capacity), which is a great thing as it allows the user to purchase an additional battery in order to get the most out of the camera, without having to recharge it. The BacPac connection is located next to the battery panel, and it allows the user to connect accessory BacPacs.

The Wi-Fi button, located on the right side of the camera, allows the user to activate (or deactivate) the connectivity with the GoPro application. However, the app is only included in the Black Edition.

What’s great about this model is that the back panel is removable, making it extremely easy to replace the doors, as well as BacPac add-ons. The doors feature a lock that demands a tab to be pushed, after which the locking mechanism should be lifted and rotated in order to unlock it. This keeps the camera very safe, as the added layer of security makes it almost impossible for the lock to unlock accidentally.

Finally, when it comes to the specs, the GoPro Hero3 White Edition naturally has a slower processor than the Silver or Black Editions. Video caps out at 30 frames per second when it comes to Full HD videos, while the frame rate is capped at 60 fps for 720p and WVGA.

It is a great device, with great capabilities, available at a very affordable price. These are definitely the strongest selling points of the White Edition. It will satisfy even those more demanding users that are looking to use the camera semi-professionally, as it is truly capable of delivering great results.

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