Have you ever, or know anyone who experienced pain, itching, rash or other similar symptoms on the face and ears after talking on the phone using a cell phone?

Although not a lot of scientific publication or researches are available today on the causes of such symptoms or problems having to do with mobile phone usage, some people have reported that they have experienced such pain and problems when using a mobile phone. Is there a cancer risk when using cellphones?

Most of these symptoms can be linked to electromagnetic hypersensitivity or (EHS). Some people are sensitive to cell phone radiation. EHS causes pains, aches, headaches, aches and can be caused by excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted by some wireless electronic devices like hand held phones. Over exposure to radiation is unsafe for everyone and using cell phones excessively over a long period of time has it’s own side effects.

What are the lasting effects of talking on our cell phone while holding it up to your ear?

Even though most hand held phones these days come with technologies to reduce radiation, they still have effects, which can be unsafe for your health and wellness especially after prolonged use. As a matter of fact, there hadn’t been a lot of strong scientific evidences that show whether or not cell phones are potentially harmful, and the ones published were pretty much conflicting.

For example, research done by Danish as well as Swedish researchers about a little over a decade ago found no strong evidence of link between mobile use and health risks such as cancer, ear infection, and others. But the research have found that long term use of phones causes’ slight risk of some types of brain tumor called glioma, and indicated that further research is needed.

However, some recent studies such as the one performed by Dr. Devra Davis have found some robust evidence that cell phone use can cause hazardous health effects such as cancer, and brain tumor, when not only holding your phone to your ear but also keeping it close to almost anywhere on your body for a prolonged period of time.

Unlike traditional land line, wired type of phones that you find in homes and at offices, mobile phones use wireless technology. They produce electronic emissions that aren’t safe for your health in the long term, especially when you are exposed to the radiation for a lot of hours.

When holding your mobile phone close to your head, the radiation affects the brain, which, after prolonged use can increase some types of tumor.

The effect is more adverse on children, and it’s advised to avoid letting children talk on the phone while holding it up to their ears, except for emergencies and other necessary situations. Other more susceptible individuals are those who have to use cell phones for many hours in their day to day lives, for work or personal purposes.

All adults also would be wise to avoid holding hand held phones not only close to their heads, but also near their any other parts of the body as much as possible. Keep in mind the 6-inches proximity rule, which according to health professionals is the radius where cell phone radiation can be harmful.

For example, keeping your phone in the pockets of your jeans or the pouch of your shirt also causes fertility issues as well as other disorders on the breast, respectively. Also other organs like the colon, lung, kidneys, and others are susceptible to health risks such as colon cancer and other health problems. What you can do to reduce the cancer and other health risks of cell phone radiation.

Cell phones have become irreplaceable tools in our everyday lives, which makes it difficult for us to pass them up. But there are some things you can do to save yourself from radiation.

Below are some tips for using cell phones and minimizing radiation:

  1. Using headphones or ear phones while talking on the phone also is a good solution to minimize the radiation risks. You can use not wireless and Bluetooth ear phones but wired ones (shielded ones). But you also have to know that prolonged ear phone use also has it’s own effects and increase risks of ear infection and can cause damages to the ears.
  2. Avoid using cell phones where signal is poor. That also includes places like while travelling by train, on a taxi, bus etc that is accelerating at high speed since. Keep away from cell phone during the night time. Many people have a habit of tucking their cell phones under their pillow or near their beds when asleep at night. You most likely won’t be using your phone during your sleep hours, so you have to use the chance to get less radiation by keeping it away from your body. You can place it a few inches away from your bed so as to reduce the risk.
  3. Keep cell phones away from your body whenever possible. If you are in the office, you can place your phone on the table, or at home anywhere where it’s visible when it rings.
  4. Another nice tip to reduce the effect of cell phone radiation is to use the speaker phone mode while talking on the phone, as well as texting instead of calling.
  5. Revert to traditional, land line phones if and when possible. The traditional, wired types of phones are safe from any radiation problems. As valuable as new technology such as mobile phones are for our day to day lives, they also come with many failings and weaknesses.

It seems as though these days, we all can’t live without cell phones. And although there are some conflicting reports and studies about the effects of cell phone use, it is always better to be safe than sorry. So take the above measures and stay safe while using a cell phone.


  1. Is happening to me with my Samsung j7!My ears are hurting so much I can’t stand the phone anymore,even after I hang up my ears keep hurting,they feel so sore inside!!!!I am so affraid for my health!!!!

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