Dell Alienware or Dell XPS?

dell alienware


Alienware Computers have always been known for their excellence when it comes to gaming capabilities. The right weapon makes all the difference, and Alienware is truly a mighty weapon. Almost every Alienware system provides users with a top of the line gaming experience. Not only is it powerful, but it’s also a great looking system. The system’s stealthy design is one of the trademarks, and the build quality can only be described as amazing. Customizable lighting system is unparalleled and the lighting is included in nearly every part of the PC.

Of course, its the components that really matters when it comes to gaming – so lets get to it. Dell’s Alienware integrates the best components on the market. Every series comes in a couple of iterations, with the cheaper models being the least powerful, though “powerful” is taken too lightly here, as all of the models in a certain series pack a lot of power under the hood. The cooling system in all of the models is superb, and even more importantly, it operates very silently, removing all the disturbances, and allowing the user to fully enjoy their system. Some models might have more storage, but that isn’t something that should be taken as a major disadvantage.

Dell XPS

The Dell XPS is a system mainly designed for high-end computing and businesses. The XPS models aren’t designed for gamers, and they lean towards different audience. A great display ensures maximum visibility in all kinds of conditions, and the build quality and craftsmanship are simply amazing. The entire lineup is extremely slim, making the devices look really premium, but that is something that’s becoming today’s standard when it comes to technology, as electronics simply do not sell.
Dell has always been able to push quality products into the market, and there is a small amount of companies that are able to compete with their products. Aimed at different audiences, both Alienware and XPS are devices to be admired, with the Alienware being admired by avid video game players, and the XPS being admired by people relying on technology that will support their business. Both devices are quite pricey, but in this case, the quality is reflected in the price, meaning that the user will truly get what they paid for.

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