Best Testosterone Boosters for 2018

What I like about these pills is that they are pure testosterone, without any chemicals - just tribulus which is the natural testosterone.

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1. Dr Max Powers Anabolic Stack Testosterone Booster

While this is not just a testosterone booster, it also does have a lot of anabolics in it that have given me a pump at the gym. My energy levels at the gym are out of control with this, because I definitely feel the NO boost it gives you. GREAT PUMPS. I usually take it on an empty stomach cause that makes the effects stronger. I lost about 15 lbs in two months from using this product just cause it makes me sweat and lift a lot harder – without any of the jittery effects of other testosterone boosters.

2. Tribulus Strength Testosterone Booster

What I like about these pills is that they are pure testosterone, without any chemicals – just tribulus which is the natural testosterone. It does say it enhances sex drive but I was not looking for any of that – just wanted to see effects at the gym. And this does give it to you. I took it for about one month and was very hapy with the gains in muscle I saw. I saw some reviews on Amazon, and it seems to cater to men over 40 – even though I an under 40, I still enjoyed it. I have noticed it does help me breath better since tribulus is known to help with cardiovascular health.

3. Forskolin Weight Loss

I took this product specifically to test for its weight loss effects. It does suppress your appetite. I noticed I was definitely not as hungry as I usually am – in fact, I even forgot about it most of the time and had to remember to do so. There is no jitters with this product either – as some other appetite suppressants have a way of making you jittery. This does not. It does say that it improve serotonin levels but I did not notice any of that or the brain improvement. But it definitely works to suppress appetite as I was not hungry at all for the two weeks I was on it. I find it you eat when you are bored, you should try these supplements as that will take it away.

4. NitriCrete Ultimate Muscle Igniter

I chose this product cause it has the two best pre-work supplements in it: creatine and Nitric Oxide (NO). This is the thing for pumps. It did not pump as well as the Dr. Max Powers Anabolic Stack, but I definitely noticed the pumps. Definitely recommend this one for pre workout cause it gets you going! After taking for the third time, I noticed by body getting warmer and my heart was beating faster – ready to workout.

5. Nitric Oxide Power Pump

I love NO as a pre-workout so I wanted to try this. While its not the best on this list (see above), I definitely noticed it has a very strong NO content. Definitely more stamina and endurance, and my workouts can last longer. It did lower my blood pressure a bit – which is weird cause most of these supplements seems to raise it. I definitely recommend this if you want to have a good workout with good focus.

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