5+ times Ariana Grande proved she is an obnoxious brat

The list of incidents, tweets and posts just keeps on getting bigger and bigger, as nothing stops Ariana Grande from acting like a spoiled brat although she always says how she likes to be a good role model for teen fans.

ariana grande is a spoiled brat

5 Fight with Jenette McCurdy

ariana and jennette
This was in London, UK where Jenette said Ariana Grande is a bad influence to hang around. She could not wait to stop working with her.

Ariana Grande’s reputation as a trouble maker began as early as 2013 when the pop star caused so much drama with her Sam & Cat partner, Jenette McCurdy. There were a lot of salary negotiations due to the fact the Grande earns quite a lot more than McCurdy. Eventually the talks reached a dead end and the show came to a hiatus in spite of the fact it was one of the most successful Nickelodeon shows.

McCurdy even issued a statement that was meant to address Grande calling her a bad influence. Ariana defended herself saying that for so long she was performing a character that she didn’t relate to, which was a bit frustrating and this is exactly why she was happy that the show was cancelled. She didn’t mention McCurdy when she issued a “Thank-you” statement.



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