5 Worst Lady Gaga songs of all time

3 lady gaga album covers

5Jewels and drugs

Jewels & Drugs Single Cover
Jewels & Drugs Single Cover

This nightmare of a song is what happens when you try to force a new genre of hip hop into a pop song. Lady Gaga is trying really hard on this record. It has that down low, southern hip hop vibe and background music. The music is actually OK – for a hip hop song. Not Lady Gaga – the lyrics are atrocious. They could easily be done a no-name hip hop video chick. The lyrics are all about jewels and bling; two things that Lady Gaga fans do not care about. I guess she was trying to pull in the hip hop crowd with this song. But it’s a miserable and embarrassing failure.

Plus, Nicki Minaj & Iggy Azalea are both in this song, and they are both atrocious rappers and human beings.



  1. how shallow of a barely popular ‘blog’ that you have to drag lady gaga for no reason, almost all of the ‘facts’ are false and yall needa shut the fuck up. id like to see you become a celebrity so people can drag your shitty blog and website down, fuck off

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