3 Reasons Britney Spear’s Career is Over

The drugs, alcohol and mental health issues have all helped destroy Britney's ability to perform like she used to. Once America's pop princess becomes America's crazy lady, there's no turning back. We’re sorry Brit, but your career is over.

Britney spears in vegas

We would all like to remember Britney as that beautiful teenager who sang “I’m a Slave 4 U”, but every time I hear the name Britney, I remember her shaving her own head. A couple of years passed from that unfortunate event, and Britney seems to have gotten her things together. But did she really? In 2013, Britney has announced the start of her first residency show in Las Vegas – that started in December 2013 and ends in September 2015. Of course, we all know what that means. Every time a star announces a residency show, it means that her career is over.
Here is a list of a few more reasons why Britney’s career is over after the end of her Vegas show:

1. Britney’s not even trying anymore; Dead behind her eyes

Britney has been lip-syncing for years and it’s all even more evident in her Vegas show where the stage is closer to the audience. Lavish production and rich scenography do try hard to distract you from her back tracked vocals, but the fact that she’s recycling outfits and even dance moves is a joke. The whole show is moving around Britney, while she tries her best to lip-sync, barely move and not act crazy. But still, people pay to see her perform, and she’s already made more than $30 million on her Vegas shows. However, less and less people are willing to pay to see Britney frolicking around with old dance moves and terrible lip-syncing. Admit it Brit, you lost it long time ago.

2. Britney is never on-time and is a liability for production

Britney has been sued by her backup dancer, Dawn Noel, for allegedly breaking the dancer’s nose. The dancer claimed that Britney arrived to the rehearsal almost three hours late, in a disheveled and possibly inebriated state. She also had difficult time learning the choreography, and in on moment, she backhanded Ms. Noel straight in her face, breaking her nose. Britney allegedly apologized, but continued with the dance routine and Noel decided to sue after she was told that her nasal fracture would require surgery. Britney didn’t even pay her medical bills! Wow, Britney, we really thought you were better than that.

3. Britney Spears really is slightly crazy

Everybody remembers the head shaving incident. But do you remember that time she endangered her own child’s life by driving him without a car seat? Or the time she nearly dropped him in the middle of the street? Or maybe the time he fell out of his high chair at home? Or when she was diagnosed with multiple psychological disorders? No wonder she lost the custody to her ex-husband. Britney also spent a significant amount of time in rehab and psychiatric hospital and according to sources close to her; she’s still not completely clean from drugs and alcohol. Even now, in 2014, Britney is still under conservator-ship of her father, which means she’s legally not allowed to make any decisions regarding her own life or money.

In 2007, between shaving her head, getting new tattoos at shady parlors and staying in rehabilitation facilities, Britney managed to find time for assaulting a photographer’s car with an umbrella. She issued an apology to the paparazzo, claiming that she got carried away while prepping for a new movie role. Yeah. Like anyone believes you, Britney.

Well, these are only couple of reasons why Britney’s career will come to an end as the curtain falls on her Vegas show. The drugs, alcohol and mental health issues have all helped destroy Britney’s ability to perform like she used to. Once America’s pop princess becomes America’s crazy lady, there’s no turning back. We’re sorry Brit, but your career is over.


  1. This article was sad, yet true. Honestly though, I never thought she had much talent to begin with. The same goes for Spice Girls, GaGa, Gomez, Perry, Swift etc….They all are manufactured puppets of the music industry. NOTHING MORE! When the industry feels they can no longer make the money from the puppet, they dump them and move on to someone else to market, and mindless sheep (usually aged 11-19) fall for it. I long for the days when music “stars” made it on their own talent, merit, and had something to actually say, but unfortunately people will accept mediocrity if it’s hyped enough through the media, which of course are paid to promote the puppett for them. Sad! This is why I listen to music from previous generations, when there was real talent.

  2. This is actually one of the nastiest and most disappointing articles I think I have ever read, what was your aim here? Apart from adding to the stigma of mental illness? Whoever wrote this should realise being a sociopath is also considered a mental illness because it’s clear this person has not got a lick of compassion or empathy within them, this is just truly vile work. You should honestly be REALLY ashamed of posting this, but I also see the article about Lady Gaga being ‘fat’ and I guess that’s the kind of people you are/site you want to have…truly awful. Is it worth being this disgusting for a few clicks? Cheers for adding to the stigma that MILLIONS of people have to face because of articles like this/people like you. You should be really proud…not.

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