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The radio waves emitted from cell phones are known to have an effect on body cells, especially the cells in your inner ear. There was a study done by the National Cancer Institute, which also provides a fact sheet of the dangers of cellphones. Many people have suffered unexplained pain associated with the prolonged use of cell phones. So what is this pain? And where does it come from?

Cell phones send strong signals to stay connected to their network.

Typically, people experience discomfort, burning or pain on the side of their face where they usually use the phone. A part of the radio waves emitted by cellphones are absorbed by the body. These radio waves cause thermal and non-thermal effects on the brain.

The thermal and non-thermal effects of cell phones

Most of the heat thermal effects from cellphones will affect the internal ear and the fluid that fills it. Since brain waves are quite similar to radio waves (which are emitted by cellphones), using a cellphone near your brain can impact your brain waves in ways that researches have not yet understood. The non-thermal effects of using cellphones include users suffering from tingling sensations, dizziness, burning and fatigue. People who use cell phones for more than an hour a day are more subject to hearing loss.

How to protect your ear?

  1. Pay attention to your phone: If your phone makes makes weird sounds while charging, it is probably time that you change it. Using a malfunctioning cell phone can have serious health hazards. If your phone doesn’t charge properly, then it has a problem with the way it absorbs energy. This is linked directly to the way it emits energy as well.
  2. Don’t buy a cheap cell phone: A cheap cellphone option might seem OK, but may impose serious health hazards due to the quality of materials and radiation minimizing features.
  3. Use your cell phone in moderation: Make sure that you are not using the phone for more than 10 minutes continuously.
  4. Make sure that you are not using the phone for more than one 3-4 hours per day.
  5. Keep your phone away from your bed while sleeping.
  6. Using the cell phone while it is connected to the charger can increase the radiation emitted from the cell phone.
  7. Use earphones: Earphones are definitely recommended over placing the phone directly on your ear.
  8. Cell phones and children: Children should use cell phones under supervision. Children are more suseptible to being affected by the radiations emitted by cell phones. They shouldn’t be allowed to play with or use the cell phones for long hours.
  9. Dirty cell phones can cause infection: You have to clean your cellphone often because they are full of bacteria. If you talk on the phone while it is up to your ear, the bacteria on your phone can get inside the ear canal and cause an ear infection or inflammation. These ear infections cause sharp pain. It can also cause a headache that won’t just go away.

Cellphone get dirty from dust, dead skin cells and sweat – and that can be transferred to the inside of the ear. Using cleansing wipes usually solves this problem and will make sure that your phone is safe and clean to use.

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