5+ times Ariana Grande proved she is an obnoxious brat

The list of incidents, tweets and posts just keeps on getting bigger and bigger, as nothing stops Ariana Grande from acting like a spoiled brat although she always says how she likes to be a good role model for teen fans.


3Ariana is a major control freak and doesnt know what she is doing

Ariana Grande has a reputation of being a control freak on set, with a list of unattainable demands. She insists that is she shot only from the left side, hates natural light and light that has red hues. These instructions caused too much stress in a photo session by an Australian photographer, forcing him to pause several times until she finally walked away mid-shoot. Ariana called these allegations absurd and said that she didn’t like the way her top looked mid-shoot and went to change which made the photographer very angry. When she got back, he was gone. But allegations of being a control freak have also been reported by other people in the show biz. She would ask reporters and interviewers to change and switch positions so that she can get photographed on her “good side”. Otherwise, she would just cancel an interview and walk away. Her lighting crew and camera crew know that they would be in trouble if they don’t follow exactly what she says.

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