5 Worst Lady Gaga songs of all time



Lady Gaga, at South by SouthWest, trying her best to act interested, while she sings Applause.

This takes the cake as the worst song from Lady Gaga ever. It was sponsored by Volkswagen and Doritos. The record companies purposefully wrote this song for her because it was fun, catchy and commercial. It’s a horrible song. Even when Lady Gaga perfomed in Austin for South by SouthWest Music Festival – it was a Doritos sponsored event – after a great set of her hits, she said “And now we are going to do Applause because we have to”. They forced her to sing that song because she got so much money in endorsements. You can see how miserable she was while singing the song. She hates the song. And so do we.


  1. how shallow of a barely popular ‘blog’ that you have to drag lady gaga for no reason, almost all of the ‘facts’ are false and yall needa shut the fuck up. id like to see you become a celebrity so people can drag your shitty blog and website down, fuck off

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