Zac Snyder STOP Releasing Behind the Scenes Footage

Zac Snyder STOP Releasing Behind the Scenes Footage Of Justice League

Zack Snyder is a great director, but he needs to stop release back stage footage before we see the movie. The Justice League movie finished filming in the UK recently, and to celebrate, Zac Snyder let fans have all this behind the scenes footage. We dont want that. It takes us out of the movie. It was timed during ComicCon, but there was something better he could have given the fans.

The fans only want to see the backstage footage after the movie, not before.

Stop Actors Interview/Talking before the Movie

I sat in the theater waiting for AntMan to begin, and right before it did, there was a short clip of Paul Rudd saying something like “this movie was so much fun to work on, we are like a family, please enjoy the movie”. Its hard to suspend belief and “be in the movie” when the actor has just greeted us.

I dont want to see Paul Rudd talk to me. I want to see AntMan.

Zac Snyder is dong the same thing with the Justice League movie now. Yes, we LOVE behind the scenes footage. Alot. But let us see the movie first.

From what I can tell, Warner Brothers is taking this whole “lighten the tone of the movie” thing very seriously. We get it – its gonna be fun and campy, unlike the dark Batman vs Superman (which I thought was a great movie).

4 New Muscle Supplements in 2017

This month, I decided to try out 4 new muscle building supplements and protein powders. By body has gotten used to the usual C4 and No-explode I have been using – plus my heart needed a break from all that action. Its important to change up the supplements you use to work out because your body gets used to them. So change is good. Just like your workout routine – you should always change it up, because you dont want your body getting too used to anything.

BSN SYNTHA-6 Protein Powder

This is a creamy milk shake type product that has 22g of protein and 5 grams of fiber. Since I am a fan of C4 Cellulor and NoExplode, I like that it also has 10 grams of amino acids. I usually take one scoop with a glass of water after I finish the gym. It tastes great and I think it is a very high quality protein. Its definitely worth the price (I bought it on Amazon) and this one definitely does not hurt my stomach like other protein powders. It does keep my appetite at bay, and I noticed I am eating less if I drink this before a meal. It definitely feels like it releases protein throughout the day.

Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard

This is definitely the most affordable protein shake – and its definitely pretty good for your every day use. It gives you 24 grams of protein and you just cant beat the price! Its one of the best tasting low carb options out there. I start all my workouts with the first product, but then I bring a bag of this to the gym, and rink it when I finish my workout. You can definitely feel that this is a quality protein. . I use this in the morning and after hitting the gym and it keeps my body super charged and going throughout the day. Before bed, I take Cassein and that gives me protein throughout the night.

Six Star Pro Nutrition Elite Series Whey Protein Powder

This is a better quality version of the product above, with some added features and benefits. I tried the Triple Chocolate and it is way better than the vanilla. DO not buy the vanilla. It totally hurt my stomach so it must be something in the flavoring. There is something metallic tasting in the vanilla and that was not cool. I will be returning this.


This is my new favorite because I saw the most results in muscle growth using this product. There is no shake to make, just pills which are so easy to take. No upset stomach – no weird side effects. I enjoyed using this product to give me that extra edge at the gym – definitely can feel the pumps! The results are I feel more endurance, I can workout longer and I dont feel as sore the next day as I do with other supplements.